Opening a small business is a huge accomplishment, but the maintenance that goes into operating the behind-the-scenes tasks can be a daunting task. Between filing taxes, handling payroll and all of the other required back office functions, small business owners can quickly get overwhelmed if they’re doing trying to manage it all on their own. That’s where Barene DenAdel, a Certified Public Accountants (CPA) firm in Aberdeen, steps in to assist businesses with their day-to-day tasks. They put their expertise to use by working with their clients to create customized accounting and advisory solutions with personalized technological advancements that will help propel their business and lessen the burden on their shoulders.

No matter what sector of business you’re in, the ever-changing world of technology plays an increasingly significant role in nearly every aspect of a company. Barene DenAdel has taken this knowledge in stride and aims for their CPA firm to be one of the most technologically advanced in the area. “At Barene DenAdel, we work hard to emphasize that we have an incredibly modern feel and unique business model,” states Alysia LaTourette, client experience manager at Barene DenAdel. “This model is much different and more forward-thinking in comparison to traditional CPA firms.”

Barene DenAdel 3rd Thursday Event
Events hosted by Barene DenAdel draw in large crowds eager to learn how to improve their business tactics. Photo courtesy: Barene DenAdel

The four core values of Barene DenAdel are what make them stand out in the competitive CPA world: Impact, Innovation, Excellence, and Freedom. They strive to make an impact in Western Washington by offering inventive solutions and exceptional services designed to allow a business owner freedom to bring their visions to life. How the employees at Barene DenAdel achieve this is by helping business owners process their information while giving them the tools that they never knew that they needed to succeed. The professionals also help their firm’s clients with the many, often intricate, accounting aspects of their financial reporting and compliance obligations. The ideal advisor is matched to each client armed with the required knowledge that will help them meet their exact needs.

One of the ways that this business communicates the value of using technology is by hosting Business Technology Seminars. These seminars are held at local businesses in Grays Harbor County and teach attendees useful tips and strategies on how to best use advanced solutions to better manage their business. “Another event that we host is Third Thursday Open Houses,” explains LaTourette.  “These are completely free events that give community members a chance to hear from local experts presenting on various topics in an informal setting. Attendees also have the chance to get to know our staff and ask us for insight into about any problems that they may be experiencing.”

In the past, event topics have included Cybersecurity – How to Protect Yourself and Your Business, as well as Business Lending Basics, where local lending experts Brian Smith from Timberland Bank and Tony Enzler from Bank of the Pacific discussed the many benefits of working with a local banker to build a stronger business. New events are released every event month that cover a wide range of topics. The most well-attended event was a presentation on new federal tax laws and how they can affect local businesses. These events are not common among traditional CPA firms and are what set Barene DenAdel apart from the crowd.

Barene DenAdel Group Photo at Event
Barene DenAdel’s far-reaching clientele are always welcome to attend their events in Grays Harbor County. Photo courtesy: Barene DenAdel

When businesses use the technological tools that they acquire at these events, it gives more time for the trusted team at Barene DenAdel to advise their clients. They then have the ability to talk to business owners about the existing problems that they’re experiencing and how they can work together to find the appropriate solutions.

The Barene DenAdel staff work hard to implement modern tools into their everyday practices. They pride themselves on being the leading user in the area of QuickBooks Online and exemplifying a strong internet and social media presence. The business has an incredibly high percentage of users utilizing cloud accounting applications. Clients have the option to schedule an appointment or make a payment all with the click of their mouse on the website. Employees also utilize video conferencing and secure messaging apps to communicate effectively with clients who may be out of town or have a busy schedule.

Furthermore, clients can benefit from Barene DenAdel’s Back Office Support System (BOSS), an all-inclusive, cloud-based solution offering business owners relief from day-to-day accounting difficulties. The program permits users to outsource this work to the Barene DenAdel team of professionals. They will then handle the accounting so users can put their main focus back on building their business. BOSS is available at three levels to fit the varied needs of each distinct client.

Overall, the team at Barene DenAdel strive to grasp a far-reaching audience in Grays Harbor, Thurston County, and beyond by educating the community on methods to build and strengthen their business to reach their short-term and long-term goals.

To learn more about Barene DenAdel, explore their website, check out their Instagram account, or like their Facebook page.


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