Josh Newman: Soaring at the Top of the Market with Greene Realty Group

Josh Newman is on everyone’s “wish list” if they are buying or selling real estate. Why? For one thing, he is technically leading-edge when it comes to connecting people with properties. “I do drone photography as well as create and produce videos for their property,” says Josh. “I also use a stabilized 4K camera to do interior and exterior video. I put it all together and make a showcase.”

Josh Newman Greene Realty Gadgets
Expert realtor Josh Newman creates floating video tours of his client’s properties using a high-tech camera, a drone and sophisticated software. Photo credit: Anne Paxton Hammond

With a click of a mouse or a finger swipe on a mobile phone, Josh will bring a property and surrounding land “alive” and show aspects that you couldn’t normally see. He flies his commercial drone over and around a property, creating a Hollywood “establishing shot” that gives a buyer context regarding location – nearby geographical features, the neighborhood and a thorough spin around the yard.

It’s almost better than actually being there. This saves everyone time and is especially helpful to buyers who are moving here from out-of-town or who have visited the property and want another view of what it has to offer.  “It’s an additional asset I offer to my clients at no additional charge,” says Josh who shares this talent with his Greene Realty Group peers and their clients.

Drone footage is also appealing to high-tech buyers and sellers from baby boomers to Gen Z’ers who are just reaching the age when they might want to view property or housing options.

As a visionary in the real estate field, Josh has additional plans to help clients using a YouTube channel he’s creating. He’s also provided a Facebook resource called Olympia Home Team.

Saving Buyers and Sellers Time and Money

Josh Newman Greene Realty House
“Every time I’m working with a client, I do a morality check, stay on course and do the right thing,” says Josh.
Photo credit: Anne Paxton Hammond

As a broker/realtor, Josh monitors local, state and national laws and regulations to keep buyers and sellers informed.

“Things change all the time, especially in Washington State,” says Josh. Thurston County can be challenging regarding issues from septic systems to pocket gophers (a protected species), says Josh. That’s where a skilled realtor/broker can help buyers and sellers navigate a minefield of regulations, studies, permits and feasibility studies.

Josh can envision a timeline and knows how to position a property to sell as quickly as possible and help a buyer find what they need in the shortest amount of time.

“Property in Thurston County is selling fast,” says Josh. “It’s a seller’s market. We’re at about 500 residential houses for sale. Typically we’re at about 1500 houses so inventory is low right now.”

That’s when solid expertise with an established firm and a competent broker/realtor makes the difference.  Managing Broker Jim Greene keeps the firm updated through a variety of mechanisms, such as guest speakers, to learn about current issues, new products and other ways to help clients, says Josh.

“We’re consistently one of the top five performing firms in the county,” says Josh. “It’s because of the mindset and the ethics that Jim has set for his office to live by. Clients always want to have someone work for them that they can trust. This group of realtors is all upstanding, outstanding people. You can trust any one of them to do anything for you.”

“With my military background, I like working with veterans,” says Josh. “I also like working with first-time homebuyers. It’s a lot more work because they don’t know the process but it’s a lot more gratifying. I really don’t have a certain niche. I like to help anybody and everybody.”

Making Client Dreams Come True

His seamless, genuine style puts clients at ease.

“I like to have clients come in to the office, meet face-to-face, and just talk,” says Josh. “That gives me an idea of who they are and what they ultimately want. A lot of times they’re so overwhelmed, they don’t even know what they want. I like to help them and steer them in the right direction. If I give a referral, it’s someone I would go to myself – someone I trust.”

Josh Newman Greene Realty
“I’ve been in sales my whole life except when I was in the military,” says Josh, whose Dad owns a small car dealership in Olympia. Photo credit: Anne Paxton Hammond

His favorite part of the job?  Making people’s dreams come true. “There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing somebody super excited when they’re buying their first house or when they sell their house and move on to their next adventure,” he shares.

After 7 years in the military followed by a career with the state, Josh wanted to find another profession that contributed to something more than himself. “It’s cool when you get to help somebody like first-time homebuyers who are totally ‘deer in the headlights’ and they’re scared because it’s the biggest purchase they’re going to make in their life,” he continues. “And when you can help walk them through that and make that dream a reality, it’s just really cool – it’s gratifying.”

On his current high-tech trajectory, Josh will definitely be ready for Alpha Gens who, although 1-5 years old now, could start buying property as early as 2033.


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