The town of Tenino is a rock-solid community…literally. Sandstone became one of the area’s leading industries in the late 1800s. Now, over 200 years later, this tight-knit community continues to thrive. It was from this solid foundation of family and sustainability that Sandstone Distillery was born. This organization is named to honor the town’s past and committed to upholding local community spirit.

And what better way to uphold that spirit – than with spirits? In just a few years, Sandstone Distillery has become well known for their specialized vodkas, gin, whiskey and premixed cocktails. These can be purchased online, ordered at local bars and high-end restaurants or sampled at a distillery tasting. The word is out – Sandstone is a popular business with a product for any palate. From their award winning Stone Carver vodka to their bacon-infused whiskey, or even their 120-proof Andrews Hammer, there really is something for everyone.

Sandstone Distillery Autumn Stone
Sandstone Distillery is sustainably built of the bedrock of community. Photo courtesy: Sandstone Distillery

Sandstone is a fun place for non-drinkers as well. It holds concerts with live music and dancing at the distillery on a regular basis. Ethan Tucker is a regular who was once a finalist on NBC’s The Voice. So dust off your dancing shoes and go have some fun! Keep in mind that seating is limited so check their website or join their email list for notifications.

Sandstone Distillery also offers distilling classes. These give attendees a unique, behind-the-scenes look into the remarkable creation process.

With something for everyone, it’s not surprising that Sandstone Distillery has become a sensation in such a short amount of time. Master distiller John Bourdon attributes their success to their use of quality ingredients. Their products contain only 100 percent Washington-grown grains. This places Sandstone’s beverages a step above. In addition, their commitment to community and sustainability keeps people coming back for more.

Sandstone is committed to sustainability. Over 75 percent of their building is constructed with recycled steel and reclaimed wood. Their shipping totes and still are also made from recycled materials. They engage in many green initiatives, illustrating how highly they value sustainability. Such endeavors may not be cheap but, for Sandstone, they are worth every penny.

Sandstone Distillery
Sandstone Distillery is a local gem. Photo courtesy: Sandstone Distillery

What also sets Sandstone apart is their commitment to the community. This is evident through their donations to many local charities, churches and organizations. The Bourdon family often donates hosted parties in which recipients enjoy refreshments and drinks with friends in the heart of the distillery. With such a unique setting and delightful ambience, a gathering at the distillery is something guests won’t soon forget.

The Bourdon family are also big supporters of Raise for Rowyn. As many know, the Johnson family of Tenino was hit with tragedy when their precious daughter passed away in late 2014. When the community pulled together and helped the family through this ordeal, the Johnsons decided to pay it forward with Raise for Rowyn. Together with the community, they have helped nearly 200 families in more than 10 states who are facing similar tragedies.

Sandstone Distillery has incorporated the pay-it-forward mentality into their business. They are also paying it forward to the next generation by sharing their wealth of knowledge with local schools. Last summer, they worked with Washington State University to complete a study of grains harvested from different Washington State regions. The distillery created a batch from each area, which are currently in the aging process. Eager students are patiently waiting for the results. Although this undertaking took time and financing, Sandstone was happy to help. They see it as an investment into the future of their craft.

There’s no doubt that Sandstone Distillery is a major asset to Tenino and beyond. With hard work and determination, Sandstone Distillery has etched themselves into the bedrock of this community, for the benefit of all.

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