Submitted by Heidi Smith for Wellspring Integrative Wellness Center

If becoming a parent is a challenge, being a single parent can be downright daunting. Juggling finances, the relentless demands of young children, and the necessity of making solo decisions can leave no time for taking care of yourself or developing strategies to take better care of your family.

For single mothers in Yelm and surrounding areas, that can change. On February 18 a free workshop called Mothers Empowered will provide tools, tips, and training for single mothers, along with wellness exercises like yoga. “We want the participants to have some ‘me’ time,” says organizer Isabelle DiLuzio, “but we also want them to leave with something they could use to make a difference for themselves and their families.”

The day will run from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Wellspring Integrative Wellness Center in Yelm and will include advice from a guest speaker on how to live within your means. “We have a financial expert who’s going to talk about what that really means,” says DiLuzio.

Participants will also be trained in how to create and reach a goal within 13 weeks through using a journal, a tool that DiLuzio uses in her Quiznos’ franchise business in Yelm. “It’s more than a journal,” she says. “It’s an all-encompassing tool that each participant will take home to use for their own purposes.” The day will also include some surprises, she notes, along with a catered lunch.

Inspiration for the event came after DiLuzio spent ten days with her brother’s young and growing family last summer. “I don’t have kids, and the experience really took me out of my box,” she says. “I saw the amount of time and energy it requires. I have two single moms working for me and it gave me a different appreciation for what they do and what they need.”

The business community has responded with enthusiasm, donating items, time, and expertise to bring the day together. “I am very moved by the immediate response from people,” says DiLuzio. “They are really excited about the idea and so many donated gifts to be raffled off throughout the day.”

She hopes that participants leave with a renewed sense of their own potential.

“I want them to know that they are not alone on this journey and they can continue to dream in a big way. They can still do things that they may not have thought were possible.”

The workshop has space for 30 participants and spaces are still available. To sign up, email

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