Percival Landing: Soaking in Sunshine with Olympia’s Waterfront


If you’re looking to take a quick stroll during your lunch break or a relaxing local spot to visit on the weekend, then Percival Landing is one of the must-see areas in downtown Olympia.

As the City of Olympia describes, “Percival Landing is 3.38 acres and is one of Olympia’s three waterfront parks and is located on the east side of Budd Bay on the southern most tip of Puget Sound. This popular park and tourist destination is in the heart of downtown and is a hub for gatherings, social interaction and public celebrations.” The original dock dates back to 1860, with major additions and renovations in 1978, 1985, 1988, 1996 and 2010.

The location features: a boat moorage, a 0.9 mile boardwalk, a playground and multiple pavilions. Artwork by local artists is rotated out with the exception of the local favorite statue, “The Kiss” by Richard S. Beyer. Whether it’s a sunny morning or a misty afternoon, Percival Landing captures the beauty of marine life in downtown Olympia.

For more information on Percival Landing and a park map, visit the City of Olympia’s official website.

For past stories and events on Percival Landing, explore more of ThurstonTalk’s content on the park.

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