Dustin Dailey Fights for Workers’ Rights at Putnam Lieb Potvan

Putnam Lieb Potvan
Dustin Dailey, far right, is passionate about defending workers' rights and works with the experienced team at Putnam Lieb Potvan. Photo courtesy: Putnam Lieb Potvan.

When Dustin Dailey is not in the courtroom fighting for the rights of injured workers, he can be found watching his daughter Hazel dance at Studio West.  She was cast as a lamb in the most recent production of the Nutcracker. I sat down with Dustin in his offices at Putnam Lieb Potvin to learn more about him and his role in the firm.  His commitment to protecting workers’ rights is second only to his love for his family, wife Charity and daughter Hazel.

Putnam Lieb Potvan.
Dustin Dailey came to Putnam Lieb Potvan after time spent both in the Attorney General’s office and at Labor and Industries, giving him a strong background in worker’s rights. Photo courtesy: Putnam Lieb Potvan.

Dailey grew up just a short distance away in Silverdale. After completing both his undergraduate and law degrees at the University of Washington, he settled in at the state Attorney General’s office. After a short internship he was offered the position as Assistant Attorney General under then Attorney General, Rob McKenna. Dustin relished being in the courtroom and litigating cases.  It was in the Attorney General’s office that he cemented his passion for “the fundamental importance of protecting worker’s rights.”

His work in the area of worker’s compensation led him to a position at Labor and Industries where he worked for two years until the desire to be back in the courtroom was too strong to ignore.  He called Wayne Lieb for some advice on transitioning into private practice. Lieb and Kim Putnam, recognizing the unique experience Dustin had with both sides of employment law, offered him a position at Putnam Lieb Potvin.

Dailey enjoys his work because they are singularly focused on helping people.  “I believe wholeheartedly in the justice system and working so close to the seat of state government gives me great opportunities,” says Dailey. He has continued to fight for worker rights, both in his cases and in his work through Justice For All and the Washington State Association for Justice.  Dailey testifies in front of the state legislature in support of good bills that protect workers. This unpaid time represents a large commitment to the rights of workers in Washington State.

Putnam Lieb Potvan
Dailey, upper left corner, has a passion for being in the courtroom and part of the team at Putnam Lieb Potvan. Photo courtesy: Putnam Lieb Potvan.

The offices of Putnam Lieb Potvin in downtown Olympia provide a perfect location with close proximity to both the state capitol and the state insurance offices. Having worked at Labor and Industries, Dailey knows first hand the overload of cases the agency handles each day.  “We know the law and what the worker is entitled to in terms of protection and compensation,” says Dailey.

In his free time, Dustin can be found attending classic car shows.  You may even see him driving about town in the 1964 Falcon that he has driven since he was a fifteen-year-old living in Silverdale.

For more information on Putnam Lieb Potvin visit their website at www.putnamlieb.com

Putnam Lieb Potvin
907 Legion Way SE in Olympia


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