United Way of Thurston County presents The Olympia Board Academy

Photo credit: Gary Galbreath.

Submitted by United Way of Thurston County

Engaging community members in service is a critical aspect of the work of United Way of Thurston County and this year’s class of attendees for the Olympia Board Academy, a training series for community leaders serving on local nonprofit boards, will improve the ability of nonprofit leaders for strategic governance of mission-based organizations. United Way is committed to boosting the capacity of our funded agency partners – those who provide critical services. Board and executive leadership is a “must-have” component of productive agencies.

Over the next six months over 60 participants from 12 nonprofit organizations will meet for half-day, interactive trainings on topics such as: The Art of Nonprofit Leadership, Board Involvement in Fundraising and The Strategic Nonprofit and Its Board. Presented by the Third Sector Company, Inc. in partnership with United Way of Thurston County, these sessions provide a comprehensive approach for board leaders to gain the necessary tools and knowledge for successful growth and development of nonprofit organizations. 

As one local leader said, “Simply put, this training was the best I have experienced in my years as a nonprofit leader. Board members participate with executive directors – this is the board academy’s secret sauce! The Board Academy draws them in in ways we can’t as EDs and there is dedicated session time to discuss and plan. The six-part series, means sustained learning which is way better than the ‘one-shot” seminars we are used to attending.”

“The real payoff is the increase in effectiveness that the participating organizations will experience through an engaged and empowered board,” notes Paul Knox, Executive Director of United Way of Thurston County.

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