Locally, the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries accepted more than 120,000 claims in fiscal year 2014 alone. If you are injured at work, do you know your rights? There are numerous statutes, regulations, and cases that comprise our Industrial Insurance system. Can you be certain your claims manager will be fair and competent?

This past June, OSHA and the U.S. Department of Labor reported that “workers earn $31,000 (15%) less over 10 years following an injury…The failure of many employers to prevent millions of work injuries and illnesses each year, and the failure of the broken workers’ compensation system to ensure that workers do not bear the costs of their injuries and illnesses, are truly adding inequality to injury.”

The Department of Labor and Industries does not require legal counsel in workers’ compensation claims. But both the state and all participating insurance companies have lawyers on hand and so should you.

Should you be injured on the job, turn to an experienced legal team like Olympia’s Putnam Lieb Potvin to help guide you through the maze of medical paperwork, government bureaucracy, benefits, and retraining which can result.

At your initial free consultation, an attorney can answer tough questions such as:

  • Will my treatment be covered?
  • I caused my own injuries. Can I file a claim?
  • How will I pay my bills?
  • My employer went out of business after my injury. How will that affect me?
  • Can I sue my Employer or someone else for causing my injury?
  • I can’t return to my regular job because of my disability. What are my rights?
  • L&I wants to send me to one of their doctors. Do I have to go?
  • My claim closed years ago, but I am worse. Can I reopen the claim?

With 35 years of administrative, legislative, and trial experience, Putnam Lieb Potvin will represent you from start to finish. Let someone else handle the hassles while you focus on healing. Contact the firm at 360-754-7707.


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