Muhurt Falls is one of Washington’s most beautiful, and unknown trails. With the hike being only 1.6 miles roundtrip, it is an easy trip for a huge reward.

glen ayr lucky dog casinoThe falls lies on the Duckabush River, just north of Shelton and Hoodsport on US 101. Hoodsport is one of the last areas with a grocery store and gas station, so if you’re short on snacks or water make sure to stop there before the hike. It is also one of the last bathroom breaks before heading into the Olympic Forest.

murhurt fall
The Muhurt Falls Trailhead is located on Duckabush Road about 25 miles north of Hoodsport.

Half an hour, and 25 miles down US 101 is a left turn for Duckabush Road and the trailhead. In six more miles there will be signs for the falls continuing on a dirt road. Just over a mile later you will reach the trailhead. The gravel portion of this road is not well maintained and has many potholes. It can also be especially muddy in the rainy seasons, so an all-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended.

The trailhead is normally uncrowded and has small area for parking on one side of the road. There are normally very few people on the trail, which is great for a relaxing hike.

muhurt falls hike
Muhurt Falls is a 130-foot tiered waterfall on the Duckabush River. Photo credit: Jared Brown.

From the trailhead it is less than one mile to the falls. The trail is well maintained and only gains a few hundred feet in elevation over the trip, making for an easy and rewarding hike. Much of the trail is covered by a dense tree line, so it stays cool even on hot days.

The end of the trail will be easy to recognize, as the 130-foot waterfall will be heard before it is seen. After seeing the beautiful tiered falls, it is hard to believe it was so little work to get there.

To get to the base of the falls is less than 100 feet down a muddy hillside path. This is definitely the dirtiest and most labor intensive part of the trail. The muddy load of laundry is well worth feeling the water cascading down and the cold mist hitting you in the face.

murhurt falls hike
A giant log crosses the Duckabush River. Photo credit: Jared Brown.

On the way back to the trailhead there are several small offshoots to large logs overlooking the river and a lower portion of Muhurt Falls. The lower waterfall is only around 20 feet tall, but contrasts Muhurt Falls as a block waterfall rather than tiered. The water descending from a wider section of the river creates a gorgeous wall of water.

The way back to the trailhead is an even easier walk than the way up. On your way down hill you may be wondering what to do for the rest of your day.

muhurt falls hike
A small waterfall lower on the Duckabush River along the Muhurt Falls trail. Photo credit: Jared Brown.

Only four miles north on US 101 is Rocky Brook Falls. The waterfall is just three miles down Dosewallips Road and only a walk of a few hundred feet. Rocky Brook is horse tail falls that runs down a rock face of over 200 feet. This walk makes for another great stop if you’re craving more waterfalls before heading home.

If you’re hungry after exploring for the day, there are a few restaurants along US 101. Swing into the NorthFork Grill.  To the south is the Eagle Creek Saloon and the Hamma Hamma Seafood Store. And to the north is the Geoduck Restaurant and Lounge. Each of these restaurants is very unique and welcoming to tourists.

For more information about Muhurt Falls and other nearby trails check the Washington Trails Association website.

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