Erma Bombeck once said that guilt is “the gift that keeps on giving.” Few things are a greater source of guilt than house-keeping. No matter how much you scrub, sweep, or dust, it’s a never-ending job, especially if pets, kids, and a busy workday are involved.

“The most recent stats from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that on an average day 82 percent of women spent time on housework, compared with just 65 percent of men—and women spend longer per day doing these chores.” But instead of feeling tired and frustrated with yourself and your family, call Scottiejo McNulty and her team from Elite Cleaning of Washington.

Whether you’re in need of a top to bottom deep clean, a quick pre- or post-party tidy up, or a regularly scheduled appointment to take care of the jobs you dislike most, McNulty is happy to pick up the slack. She will gladly work with you to determine your individual needs and offers flexible hours to fit any schedule.

elite cleaning
Elite Cleaning helps residential and commercial customers get back time.

The gift of time is rare, but so too is the gift of peace. If chores are a constant battle after school and on the weekends, Elite Cleaning can help make home life less stressful. Scottiejo asks “What if you had 2.5 hours more to yourself every day? That’s the average time a woman spends doing housework, men spend about 2 hours. That’s enough time to watch a movie, go to the gym, go out to dinner, and attend T-ball or other activities. If you’re in business, you could spend that time calling your customers or working. One of my long term clients says she’s had a housekeeper since 1981 because she values the gift of time and the relief from the pressure of having to clean her house herself.”

Elite Cleaning operates with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a willingness to find the services that fit your needs. Give them a call at 360-529-2277.

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