Elite Cleaning Gives You the Gift of Time

Scottiejo McNulty is the owner of Elite Cleaning Services of Washington.


olympia house cleaner
Scottiejo McNulty is the owner of Elite Cleaning Services of Washington, an Olympia-based house and office cleaning company.

I admit it; I tidy my hotel room so the maids don’t think I’m a slob.  I’d probably do the same before a cleaning service arrived too, which always led me to think I wouldn’t benefit from their help.  But something Scottiejo McNulty of Elite Cleaning of Washington said struck me: “I truly believe that hiring cleaners gives you the gift of time.”

That’s a tremendous gift in our busy day and age.  Imagine no more snapping at spouse and kids to vacuum, sweep, or dust (and receiving sloppy work in response), no more wasted sunny days washing the windows when you could be out meeting our award-winning friendly neighbors.  Elite Cleaning’s successful, customer-first philosophy means that no job is too big, small, weird, frequent, rare, or difficult.

Whether it’s advice on the perfect home cleaning toolkit of supplies or how to remove gunk from the walls of your microwave, McNulty is always available to answer questions.  But more importantly, the team will do the jobs that make you wince, wrinkle your nose, or postpone until they’re a crisis like the underside of the fridge, toilet seat, or oven.  Blech.

If your allergies make cleaning solutions irritable, they’ll use natural products; if you can’t bend or stretch, they’ll reach what you can’t.  If your in-laws are arriving next week and the whole family has been down with the flu, Scottiejo and her ladies will have the house germ-free and ship-shape before and after the visit.

Because they have the flexibility inherent in a successful small business, Elite Cleaning can work with almost any schedule, cleaning frequency, or request.  They offer free on-site estimates, competitive rates, 100% satisfaction guarantees, and rave reviews from happy customers.

Renters, imagine being able to move your last box onto the moving truck and leave clean-up to the professionals.  Home sellers, imagine letting someone else handle the cleaning before your big open house.  Office managers, imagine things returning to normal after the holiday bash while you’re home with your feet up.  This is the kind of peace-of-mind Elite Cleaning can provide.  And for my money, it’s well worthwhile.  Call or text 360-529-2277.


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