Synergy HomeCare Hospice Services: Caring Hands for End of Life



Hospice. That’s not a word anyone wants to hear. But, for people living with terminal illness, hospice care can be a much more comforting option than some other end of life alternatives. One reason for this is because hospice care often means getting to spend the last days or weeks of life where you belong — at home surrounded by loved ones.

When the time comes to decide whether or not hospice care is right for your loved one, the experienced, compassionate team at Olympia’s Synergy HomeCare is ready to provide comfort to your loved one. Synergy HomeCare hires experienced CNA’s and Home Care Aids, who are trained and experienced in end of life care.

Offering everything from hourly service to around-the-clock care, Synergy HomeCare partners with home health and hospice healthcare organizations, to ensure your loved one is comfortable and in good hands. Synergy HomeCare works closely with Home Health RN nurses — the eyes and ears of the doctor — so their clients can receive the care they need in the comfort of their home.

Synergy HomeCare General Manager, Brad Rossman, says for most families planning end of life care is not a well-traveled path. Sometimes this care is not expected and is frightening. Working with Synergy HomeCare, an organization that specializes in end of life care, can make a world of difference. “It is often very comforting for the family and the client to stay home or come home during this time. It is often honoring a final request,” says Rossman. “We have assisted clients who have come home out of rehab centers and hospitals to pass comfortably in their own home.

For more information about Synergy HomeCare’s hospice care services, visit Synergy HomeCare online at or call Synergy HomeCare at 360-338-0837.


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