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Tonya and Drew Freemantle have been the proud owners of Maid Perfect for eight years. In their free time, the couple enjoy hitting the beach.

The warm bright lights scroll across the stage. You can hear the music in the background as the time for the show to start draws near. You can feel the excitement build. This is going to be a great show you say to yourself. If all this is happening before the big event then it has to be good. They set the stage for you! They prepared you to think of the event in a positive light before the event had ever started.

At Maid Perfect we understand the importance of a clean office. Your office space is the first thing someone sees before they see you. When you have a clean office, you are setting the stage for potential clients.

What does a clean restroom and office say about your business? Typically the answer is “nothing,” so why bother to clean it? The answer lies in the form of a second question – what does a dirty office say about your business?

You see, a clean office is just something a customer expects.

In my 20 years of sales experience I have found there are many influences involved in making a decision to buy. Make your office work for you, not against you so people can see what you are really about.

Why Maid Perfect?

When Tonya and I started our cleaning business we built it on reputation and referrals alone – earning the trust of each new client to the point that they would refer their friends to us without even having to ask them. Tonya and I believe any business has to have a large degree of trust with their clients to be truly successful.

We value three things in our work:

maid perfect
Contact Maid Perfect to learn more about their home and office cleaning services.

Trust – This means the trust that our employees place in us to know that we always have their best interest at heart and that we truly appreciate them. It also means trust from our clients knowing that we will treat them, their family and home or office with the upmost respect. We are always a guest in your home.

Quality of work– Quality is not a one-time thing. It is a discipline that must be maintained and constantly improved upon. Quality of work isn’t always easy. Sometimes it means turning around on a Friday night when you are tired to check a spot that you think you may have missed. It means slowing down and spending a little extra time to get it right the first time. It means double checking your work.

Open communication– Without communication you will not know how to please your clients. All of our clients know from the beginning that they can talk to us if there isn’t something quite right or there is something that they would like done differently. You will always feel like you can say what is on your mind and that we will listen and do are very best to accommodate you.

Maid Perfect is a local residential and commercial cleaning company that serves the Olympia, Lacey and Tumwater areas.

Please feel free to visit our website or contact us for more information on our company. We are licensed, insured and all of our employees have had background checks. Give us a call at 360-402-6248 and experience what Maid Perfect can do for your home or office.


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