Take the Plunge at Skydive Kapowsin

skydive kapowsin
After gaining experience in tandem, free falling with a group is a brand new thrill. Photo courtesy of Skydive Kapowsin.


By Margo Greenman

glen ayr lucky dog casinoThings look a little different at 13,000 feet.

If you’ve ever flown in an airplane, you know the experience can feel somewhat unnatural. Reaching speeds 10 (or more) times faster than freeway traffic, these dual-winged vessels resemble birds more than bipeds. During take off, the nervous feeling you get as you watch the land below you blur and fade is the only thing natural about it.

Skydive Kaposwin tandem jump
First-time jumpers can feel safe strapped to one of Skydive Kapowsin’s experienced, certified instructors. Photo courtesy of Skydive Kapowsin.

Now imagine jumping out of the airplane.

The earth below looks far-away and distant. The wind flapping by your face is harsh and forceful. Your adrenaline is pumping. “Turn the plane around,” you think nervously in your head. “This is a huge mistake!” And then, out of nowhere, a tiny voice inside you says, “It’ll be okay. Go for it. Jump!” And, you do. For nearly a minute, you free-fall. The fall is fast and heavy, but you’re too distracted to be scared. Then, you release your parachute. It catches you, and everything slows down. You see Mount Rainier and the Olympics and the Hood Canal as you make your slow, peaceful descent. The picturesque serenity calms you and your pulse begins to slow. Five or so minutes later, you land, gently and catch your breath.

This is skydiving. And, for some people, there’s no better rush.

Geoff Farrington is 66-years-old, and for the past 43 years, he’s been skydiving. His wife, Jessie has skydived most her life, and Geoff and Jessie’s two adult children, Keri and Andy, started young. Together, the family owns and operates Skydive Kapowsin, a skydiving center in Shelton, where they offer life changing experiences to thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies alike.

Take a bird's eye view of the landscape below as you jump from the plane. Photo courtesy of Skydive Kapowsin.
Take a bird’s eye view of the landscape below as you jump from the plane. Photo courtesy of Skydive Kapowsin.

A family operation from the start, Skydive Kapowsin has operated in Shelton for the past eight years, moving there only after outgrowing two previous locations. Geoff says for him and his family, Skydive Kapowsin is a passion first and a business second. This family feel isn’t shared solely between the Farrington’s, it’s extended to each member of Skydive Kapowsin’s staff and every thrill seeker they serve. Geoff says this makes for a great atmosphere, helping people feel comfortable and relaxed before their big jump.

Even if you think skydiving sounds scary, Geoff says it’s probably a lot easier than you think. “Most people do a tandem jump on their first jump,” he says. “This way, you go with an experienced jumper who has a minimum of 500 jumps,” a minimum Skydive Kapowsin instructors generally exceed. “Our average tandem instructor is in the 5,000 jump range,” he explains. And, Geoff’s instructor son, Andy, has logged close to 20,000 jumps. Did we mention he’s only 20-years-old?

Geoff says it’s not uncommon for people to start second guessing themselves before a jump, but a quick self-pep talk usually gives them the courage they need to take the plunge. Geoff says in his entire experience as an instructor, he’s only ever had one skydiver back out completely. That’s a statistic he’s proud of.

skydive kapowsin
Celebrating a milestone? Take a group our for a trip of lifetime. Photo courtesy of Skydive Kapowsin.

In addition to beginner tandem jumps, Skydive Kapowsin also offers free-fall jumps and lessons for people looking for a bigger thrill. And, with flight lessons costing so much, Geoff says skydiving is a great option for people who want the thrill of flying without the cost. Tandem jumps start at $185 on weekdays or $215 on weekends, and the level 1 free-fall jump with accompany five-hour class starts at $285.

Because skydiving can be a transformative, knock-the-wind-right-out-of-you (literally) experience, Skydive Kapowsin offers everything you need to prepare (or recover) from your high, right at homebase. With an on-site café and massage center, skydivers can indulge in a bite to eat at the Jumper’s Café after they land, or relax before the big jump with a massage from Kasha’s Massage.

Before you book your jump, visit Skydive Kapowsin’s website and take a virtual tour of its hangar, 22-seat aircraft and various skydive packages. It’s important to feel comfortable and safe before you go, but remember, at some point, you just have to count to three and — jump!

Skydive Kapowsin is open daily (except for Thursdays), weather permitting all summer long, May 1 through October 31, and switches to its winter schedule (open Friday through Monday) November 1 through April 30. You can view Skydive Kapowsin’s schedule and book your jump online, or call Skydive Kapowsin at 360-432-8000.


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