Capital’s Haley and Hannah Chamberlin Continue a Track and Field Family Tradition


By Lauren Fraiser, Capital High School Intern to ThurstonTalk

Hannah (left) and Haley (right) enjoy competing on the Capital High School Track and Field team together.
Hannah (left) and Haley (right) enjoy competing on the Capital High School Track and Field team together.

If you have a brother or a sister, you understand the healthy competition that exists between siblings. This can often be a driving force to succeed, whether in school, on the field, or in other activities. Haley and Hannah Chamberlin have used it to push each other to not only do their individual best, but landing in the record books at the same time.

Both athletes are on the Capital High School track team. Haley, a senior, and Hannah, only a freshman, have taken after their mother, Debra, and all three hold CHS records.  When Debra attended Capital High School, she recorded the second fastest time in the 200 meter dash for Capital, the same event that Haley holds tenth place in. Haley also is tied for the sixteenth spot in the 100 meter dash.

Her mom and sister’s successes only push Hannah harder to do her best. Haley explains with a laugh, “I told Hannah she should try and get in the [Top 20] list in the 200 as well, then the next week, she made it in the triple jump.” In her very first year, Hannah had landed her own spot at number twenty.

Success on the track and in the field runs in the family. Debra’s two sisters, Haley and Hannah’s aunts, are record holders as well.  When asked what their mom’s reaction was to following in her athletic footsteps, Haley explained, “(She) was very happy.”

“Adding our youngest daughter Hannah to the CHS track records was a wonderful feeling of pride,” the girl’s mom explains. “Haley has worked hard for 4 years to move up in the track record which has given Hannah a great example.” Debra also adds, “Having their mom and two aunts in the CHS track records makes it even more special.”

Both Haley and Hannah share the record books with their mother, Debra Chamberlin (center).
Both Haley and Hannah share the record books with their mother, Debra Chamberlin (center).

The Chamberlin sisters push each other to do their best and that is reflected in their success this season. Haley says, “Sometimes when we’re racing in the same race…it makes me more even competitive.”

Hannah agrees. “When we race together, she pushes me to go faster.”

This is best seen when the sisters go head to head in the 200 meter dash. Girls track and field coach Kevin Wright explains, “Haley very clearly wants to prove that she is still the fastest but when you see them in the 200, together it is very clear that neither is going to give in.”

Though both want to win, it isn’t all about competing. The two athletes are also part of a four person team in the 4×200 relay, an event Coach Wright says they were very excited to compete in together. Debra adds, “They support each other in a healthy way. It warms my heart and makes me emotional to watch them run the 4×200 relay together.”

Outside of racing, the sisters have also been leaders on the team. Coach Wright explains, “Haley has been one of our sprint leaders for a few years now and Hannah came in this year as a freshman and jumped right in, helping our team in the jumping events.” He adds that “they are really good teammates to each other and the rest of the team. They really care about their teammates and they are encouraging in their own ways.”

Their parents are proud of their achievements, both as accomplished athletes and well-rounded students. “Jim and I love watching their meets and we are so proud of their athletic and academic dedication,” shares Debra.

Haley Chamberlin gets ready for the 4X200 relay at Oregon Relays.
Haley Chamberlin gets ready for the 4×200 relay at Oregon Relays.

Haley also helped involve Hannah in the CHS girls cross country and basketball teams, where they had the chance to compete and work together before Haley graduates.

But they aren’t done yet. It’s early in the season and it will be exciting to see these two continue to motivate each other and their teammates. Both agree that being on the team together, and competing both against each other and together, has been a great experience. “It’s really fun,” says Haley with a smile.

The Chamberlins don’t let competitiveness get in the way of training, running fast, and being sisters. They use it as something that makes them go faster and try harder, both saying they’ve improved because of it. “They have a sibling rivalry, but they clearly want each other to do well,” Wright explains.

It’s not very common for two siblings to hold places in the record books, much less share the status with other family members as well. But Hannah and Haley’s drive and commitment, along with a little healthy competition, make it no surprise.


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