Thurston Residents Urged to Stay Safe with First Cold Weather Blast


Submitted byThurston County Emergency Managment

Snow #7
Overnight temps at or below freezing expected through weekend

Thurston County Public Works road crews stand ready to respond to freezing conditions, but remind drivers that even anti-icing solution and sanding won’t clear every spot. Once temperatures dip below the mid-20s, anti-icing solution won’t stop moisture in the air or on the ground from freezing on the surface, and snow and freezing rain can begin to accumulate, even on treated roadways.

“Your best bet for avoiding the ice is to stay off the road if you can. But if you must drive, take it slow, increase your following distance, and make sure our county trucks and equipment can get through in your neighborhood,” said Lucy Mills, Road Operations Manager for the county’s Public Works Department.

To stay safe when driving in winter weather, keep an emergency kit in your car that includes bottled water and high energy, non-perishable food, an extra blanket, warm clothes, a battery-powered flashlight and extra batteries. You should also tell a friend or relative when you’re leaving, your destination, and when you expect to arrive.

For more information about the county’s winter road maintenance and how to contact the Public Works Department to report road hazards, go to and click on the “Emergency & Weather Info” link. Follow Thurston County Public Works on Twitter at @Thurston_PW.

Thurston County Emergency Management officials also remind residents to stay safe when winter cold sets in. Residents using space heaters should never leave them unattended while the heater is running, and never leave a space heater on while you or others in your home are sleeping. Residents are also reminded to never use barbeques, gas grills or camp stoves inside for extra heat. Burning charcoal, propane or natural gas lets off deadly carbon monoxide (CO) fumes, and if burned inside your house or apartment, the fumes can build up to deadly levels in just minutes.

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