Lasting Touch Memorials Talks about Personalizing Your Monument

lasting touch memorials


A headstone is more than just a marker. The memorial is a lasting record of a person. It’s proof that a particular individual lived. If that’s the case, how best do you convey someone’s personality?

Well, the sky is basically the limit. Tony Ward of Lasting Touch Memorial has just about seen it all. He opened Lasting Touch 12 years ago but has been in the death care industry for nearly three decades. It’s his job to help grieving families come together to honor a loved one.

Ward remembers asking a family about their recently deceased grandfather. “The family said he liked to watch TV, especially NASCAR,” says Ward. After a little digging Ward learned the grandfather was a big Dale Ernhardt fan. “We put a car with a number three on it. The grandson thought it was the spitting image of his grandfather.”

If you’re looking for something more intimate try an actual picture of the deceased. There’s metallic ceramic tile in black and white or color. In this process a professional copy of the picture is taken and coated with a protective layer. “It won’t fade or scratch,” says Ward.

Another option is to get an etched photo. These images are rich in detail and provide warmth. Here, the actual photo is sandblasted onto a material like granite. Pictures may fade over time but etchings typically hold up as well as the stone.

There are a host of other options to personalize a memorial for yourself or for a loved one. To learn more about your options call Tony Ward at 360-458-9070 or visit the Lasting Touch Memorial website by clicking here.

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