By Morgan Willie

I challenged my friend, Sam, to join me on a mission to seek out and destroy some of Thurston County’s best tacos.

We traveled around Lacey and Olympia to taste test three local businesses serving up some mighty fine Mexican dishes.  Below, read about our experience at Tacos Tijuana, California Tacos, and Paco’s Tacos.

olympia taco truck
Tacos Tijuana matches great taste with presentation.

Tacos Tijuana

First on our list was a food truck called Tacos Tijuana, located at 400 State Ave in downtown Olympia. Tacos are $1.40 each and the service is friendly.

There is plenty of outdoor seating and the location is conveniently close to many other downtown attractions. You can order your meat without spice, which is perfect for those with a low tolerance to hot foods. Tacos Tijuana uses organic vegetables and provides several lime slices to jazz up their already-tasty treats. The side of rice and beans was also very good.

California Tacos

California Tacos has multiple trucks around Thurston County.
California Tacos has multiple trucks around Thurston County.

Next, Sam and I paid a visit to California Tacos at 800 Sleater-Kinney Rd in Lacey. This food truck is the most well-known and has four taco trucks in the area.

Typically, California Tacos only offers a nearby picnic table to rest your feet while your order is prepared.  It was roughly the same amount of money for a plate of two tacos at California Tacos as it was for four tacos at Tacos Tijuana. The meal was not bad, over all. Definitely hotter than I’d anticipated, but I’m weak when it comes to spicy foods.

I can see California Tacos being a good place to grab a bite if you’re in a hurry and in the mood for a tasty taco.

Paco’s Tacos

olympia taco truck
Paco’s Tacos takes great care in their sauces.

Last, but most certainly not least, was Paco’s Tacos at 4520 Lacey Blvd.

This place is actually a family owned and operated indoor restaurant. A meal with three tacos is $7.29 and there is quite a selection of different sauces at the front counter. A lot of them are made or mixed by a family member’s wife, who takes great care in creating new combinations.

The service was exceptionally collected and approachable even though many customers came in during the lunch hour. The tacos were wonderful, as expected, although the photos I took don’t do them justice. Over all, it was atmospheric and comfortable at Paco’s Tacos and I will be going back soon.


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