Spring Cleaning Time Is Here… Hooray?

Scottiejo McNulty is the owner of Elite Cleaning Services of Washington.


olympia house cleaner
Scottiejo McNulty is the owner of Elite Cleaning Services of Washington, an Olympia-based house and office cleaning company.

I’d never thought of it this way but Scottiejo McNulty of Elite Cleaning of Washington made a good point: “spring cleaning is like a move-out but you still live there.”  While I’m seldom so thorough, this is now my annual goal when faced with the out-with-the-old itch.

Our climate, while blessed with mild winters and moderate summers, isn’t perfect.  The excess damp causes cobwebs, mold, and dingy surfaces but “do you want to spend your springtime with your family cleaning every weekend?” asks McNulty.  What may take you and yours multiple sunny Saturdays to accomplish, the team at Elite Cleaning can do in a day at the most…with no grumbling.

McNulty’s crew can clean windows, screens, and tracks safely, create a honey-do list for future repairs, switch out winter clothes and shoes, and prep for spring garage sales by sorting outgrown items.  Their work can be focused on an entire home deep clean or just high traffic areas.  They can help tidy the garage, or freshen up windows and window treatments.  Or—and this is huge to the overly overwhelmed like myself—help you make a plan of action to keep your home under control in the future.

Says Scottiejo, “Spring Cleaning has to be organized, you have to know what you want and make a plan.”  To aid in this, the Elite Cleaning website has downloadable sample checklists, showing examples of the services they offer and the range of their expertise.  But they are not limited by such lists and are willing to talk over any request, frequency, or event, be it one-time or on a regular basis.

If your home has medical issues with allergies or chemical sensitivities, Elite Cleaning has tips and the experience to insure a harmless process.  They try to accommodate all special needs and guarantee that “we don’t leave until it’s done and we come back if it’s not right.”  Strong customer service insures great word-of-mouth, all vital to a small business in this day and age.

Call for an estimate or with questions: 360-529-2277.

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