Great Western Supply & The Barn Nursery: Taking Green To A Whole New Level

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great western supplyFor more than 100 years, the family behind Great Western Supply and The Barn Nursery have provided more than simply quality products at great prices; they want to instill “good health and happiness to customers” through gardening, landscaping, and Western Washington know-how.

In 1978, the O’Neill family opened the current iteration of Great Western Supply as a way to help both farmers and their community.  Using excess manure from local farms, they began providing soil mixes and other landscaping products.  Eight years later, in 1986, they converted a crumbling nearby barn into The Barn Nursery and garden center.

It was at this time that Dan and Carla O’Neill made a commitment to community service through donations of time, materials, and money – a commitment that still thrives today.  Their focus remains centered on children, schools, and horticultural programs throughout Olympia.  To date they support Community Partners for Schools, GRuB, scholarships for horticultural programs at South Puget Sound Community College, and renovations at Saint Martin’s University.  They help schools develop gardens through donated soil, seeds, and plants, and develop sports parks around town.  They have participated in the “New Clothes, New Beginnings” drive at Westfield Mall on behalf of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Thurston County.

barn nurseryTo grow such generous community service, the O’Neill’s begin with amazing employees.  They hire Washington Certified Nursery Professionals, experienced horticulturists, and certified Washington State Nurserymen at The Barn to guarantee the best care possible.  Many of their staff have worked for the O’Neill’s for years, and all are passionate about customer service.

One customer told of a poor sales experience that was quickly remedied.  “The owners of The Barn heard about our experience and went so far above and beyond to remedy the situation that we will be forever loyal.  First, we were contacted by the owners, who requested to buy us coffee.  Over coffee, they wanted to hear all about our experience and were apologetic and determined to make it right.”  This comprehensive approach means every transaction is satisfactory from start to finish.

Outstanding customer service also backs reliable products.  Since the beginning, the O’Neill’s understood the importance of sustainability.  Great Western Supply focuses on recycling, organics, and knowledgeable landscaping to create the best end results.  Not only do they sell recycled products, they receive yard, garden, and wood waste and are WSDA-approved for their organic agriculture products.

Their extensive knowledge comes into play with regards to product placement, measurements, and passion for a healthy environment.  Their website features a yardage calculator, to help homeowners calculate the amounts needed of various fill materials, and links to sites on organics, recycling, and local salmon and water resources.

dahlia barn nurseryThey even partner with Ostrom’s Mushroom Farm to provide sterilized mushroom compost.  Such local, sustainable business partnerships are what make Great Western Supply a fixture in Olympia’s gardening community.

The Barn Nursery hosts educational community events year-round, including a dahlia show in September, an annual Customer Appreciation Day, author talks and book signings, artisan and craft fairs, and live music.  Their online calendar is a great resource for workshops, events, and seasonal garden advice.

With a proven track record of customer care, superb product lines, and local involvement, Great Western Supply and The Barn Nursery are active participants in our region.  Here’s forward to the next 100 years.

Great Western Supply and The Barn Nursery

9418 Old Highway 99 SE

Olympia, WA 98501

360.754.3722 (Great Western Supply)

360.943.2826 (The Barn Nursery)

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