Merle Norman Creates Customers for Life

acne treatment olympia
Learn about acne care in a private setting at Merle Norman.


acne treatment olympia
Learn about acne care in a private setting at Merle Norman.

It is a story Merle Norman consultants hear from their customers all the time. It goes something like this, “I began using Merle Norman because my (mom, aunt, grandma) brought me here when I was a teenager with terrible acne. I started using Merle Norman products, my skin cleared up and I’ve been a customer ever since.”

In fact, some of these women are in their nineties, and almost without exception, the women look 10 to 20 years younger than other women their age.

Here is the secret: Merle Norman acne products clean out pores and help remove dead skin cells.  Continued use of these products will keep your skin clear of any more problems.  In addition, the skin is exfoliated which also results in younger looking skin.

Women who continue to use the products do so because they continue to get results and great looking skin.

Most anti-acne regimens involves four steps and Merle Norman products to too: A great cleanser with salicylic acid, toner, clear complexion spot treatment, and moisturizer. However, Merle Norman is not interested in selling a “one-size fits all” product bundle. Instead, they’ll create a skin-care regimen that is customized to each skin-type.

It’s All About Privacy

Let’s face it, acne is embarrassing for most teenagers, and seeking help at a busy department store’s make-up counter is far from private. Merle Norman offers a private setting in their Lacey store. Skincare consultants take the time to help customers find the right product for their skin, then provide necessary training for proper product use for optimum results.

Merle Norman consultants help customers learn about their skin type and the best way to treat breakouts. Take it from their many customers, from teenagers and on up, these products work, and great skin-care now creates amazing skin for a lifetime.

For more information about acne-prone skincare, contact:

Merle Norman Cosmetics, Wigs and Day Spa

3925 – 8th Avenue SE, Suite F

Lacey, WA 98503


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