John Erwin Remodeling Helps Seniors Stay in Their Home



olympia home remodelJohn Erwin puts his leg up on the desk. The doctor says he has to keep it elevated. His foot is wrapped and there’s a walking boot behind his chair. The forty something Erwin hurt himself playing basketball.  He’s also got a fractured hand which makes getting around on crutches difficult.

The experience has taught Erwin a valuable lesson. “Make it easy to get around your house,” he says.  This is good advice considering Erwin is a Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS). He’s also the owner of a remodeling company which bears his name.

A CAPS contractor helps older folks stay in their homes longer by making the home more accessible.  This usually consists of small changes like adding grab bars or lowering the curb on showers. Comfort height  toilets are a good idea for anyone with mobility problems. These toilets are taller and require less bending. Says Erwin, “if you have a bad knee, ankle, or hip the difference between a regular toilet and comfort toilet makes all the difference in the world.”

Erwin tells me a story about trying to feed his dog while nursing an injured hand and foot. The dog food is in his garage at the bottom of some steps. Needless to say he’s thinking about moving everything into the laundry room. There are other easy fixes like putting a shelf next to the front door or switching from knob handles to lever handles. The goal is to improve safety without making your home feel like a hospital or nursing home.

For more information about CAPS visit the John Erwin Remodeling website by clicking here or calling 360-705-2938.

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