Gyro Psychology’s Collaborative Approach Keeps Kid’s Mental Health Care Local’

olympia pediatric psychologist
The staff at Gyro Psychology specialize in children ages 2 to 21.


olympia pediatric psychologist
Dr. David Callies founded Gyro Psychology in 2008.

“If you take a look at your child and see that they are rapidly losing or gaining weight, not sleeping, are irritable or angry, not functioning well in relationships, not doing well in school, or not wanting to engage in community — these are all good reasons to seek help,” said Dr. David Callies, a Child & Adolescent Psychologist at Gyro Psychology Services.

Until recently, seeking the necessary help often meant traveling to specialists in Tacoma or Seattle after the initial assessment, creating a hardship for the child and the family. In addition, if the Psychologist proved to be a poor fit for the child, the family would have to seek out another Psychologist, often beginning the process all over again.

A Collaborative Approach is The Gyro Psychology Difference

Founded in 2008 by Dr. Callies, formerly a staff Pediatric Psychologist at Madigan Army Medical Center, Gyro Psychology Services, located in Lacey, is built on the foundation of team-based collaborative care.  Callies promotes a holistic approach to Psychology that is caring, compassionate, and empathetic, taking care of the whole child and the child’s family as well.

Currently, there are three Psychologists on staff at Gyro Psychology Services – Dr. David Callies, Dr. Liz Koenig and Dr. Katherine Marsh. “When a child arrives for a consultation and is presenting across the board issues we’ll consult together as a team to create a plan for the child that will meet the needs of the child and the family. We’ll also make sure that they are matched with a team member who is the best fit for that patient based on the assessment. The great news for families is that rather than referrals elsewhere, we are able to treat them right here in Thurston County,” said Dr. Marsh.

Gyro Psychologists Share Broad Range of Specialties and Experience

olympia pediatric psychologist
Dr. Liz Koenig specializes in patients with autism and other disruptive behavior disorders.

Each doctor at Gyro received extensive training in Child and Adolescent Psychology, but also have individual areas of expertise, and seek out the team’s advice when creating a treatment plan. “We see kids and adolescents between the ages of 2 and 25 years-old,“ Callies said. “Dr. March specializes in treating adolescents and young adults who’ve experienced trauma, self-injury and eating disorders. She is one of the best in our region in these areas. One of Dr. Koenig’s specialties is assessing and working with children who have autism as well as working with children with disabilities and disruptive behavior disorders,” said Dr. Callies.

Dr. Callies focuses on the treatment of children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral problems, attention problems, anxiety, depression, developmental delays, pervasive developmental disorders like Autism and Asperger’s Disorder, deployment-related problems and youth with chronic medical conditions and illnesses.

“We bring a team together of shared knowledge and shared experience. We can consult and talk about treatment issues and how we can best utilize our resources to support our families in order to better understand and manage their child’s behaviors,” said Dr. Callies.

Nurturing Environment

“Kids get better here,” said Dr. Callies. Kerri Myers, the office manager, added, “We’ve created an environment that is warm and welcoming, starting with caring receptionists who greet and welcome kids, teens and members of their family, a patient accounts coordinator who helps parents understand their insurance benefits, to the warm and colorful murals on the walls. All these things add up to make our families feel at ease.”

olympia pediatric psychologist
Dr. Marsh credits the inviting office environment for making patients and families feel comfortable.

Dr. Marsh agrees, “Our environment is inviting. Families look forward to coming here because they have a relationship with each and every one of us. There might be very serious things going in in their lives, but when they come in to Gyro they can relax a little bit.”

The entire staff works together to help not only the child, but the parents as well. Sometimes it is as simple as a warm smile greeting them when they walk in the door. For others, it is the realization that they won’t be judged for their child’s behavior.

“For many patients and their families a visit to Gyro marks the first time that things are normalized in a family. It can be really comforting and motivating and fills them with a sense of relief and hope,” said Dr. Marsh.

Self-Referrals Grow as Stigma Associated with Therapy Decreases

Most patients who visit a Psychologist are referred by a school counselor, Pediatrician, or insurance websites, but the number of self-referrals are growing. This may be due to the fact that the stigma so long associated with therapy is decreasing.

Dr. Koenig agrees, “We are getting 10 to 15 referrals a week. There are a lot of children out there who need support and this number is growing as our culture changes. People thought they needed to go up to Tacoma or Seattle for certain mental health services, but now they are talking to their doctor or their teacher and realize they can benefit from our local care. They get a couple weeks of help and they see improvement.”

Gyro Psychology Services, caring for kids, teens and emerging adults across Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater, and Shelton, is located at 5191 Corporate Center Court SE, Lacey.

For more information, call 360.236.0206 or 1.866.616.GYRO (4976) or visit their website.


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