Hundreds Find Fun Along The 2013 Olympia Traverse Course

olympia traverse


Under a sky you couldn’t imagine to possibly to be more blue, hundreds rode, ran, and paddled across the 2013 Olympia Traverse course.

Beginning with a mountain bike course in the Capitol Forest and concluding with a team jog towards the finish line near Percival Landing, the Olympia Traverse brought smiles to the faces of the competitors and teams.  Along with the mountain biking and team jog, the Traverse also featured a road bike course along Delphi Road and Evergreen Parkway, a water pathway from West Bay Park to Swantown Marina and a running course to Priest Point Park that ended at the Hands on Children Museum.

Competitors included individuals that traversed all four legs of the race and teams who split up the duties.

A celebration at the Port Plaza was the reward at the end of the race.


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