The Foundation Campus Meets Kids Wherever They Are At


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Larry Weber is the incoming Superintendent at The Foundation Campus which offers biblically based day care, preschool, and K-12 education in Lacey

When Larry Weber, incoming Superintendent of The Foundation Campus, talks about the dedication of his teaching staff, and the commitment of staff and parents, his face lights up.  “One thing that separates our school is the level of daily commitment of our teachers, parents, and staff.  I have not seen a more dedicated group of people in my lifetime,” says Weber.

The Foundation Campus, located in Lacey, educates more than 400 students, including 135 kids that attend Northwest Christian High School.

The biblically based education begins with preschool and day care and continues schooling from kindergarten through high school.  Families are welcome to join the private school at any stage of their child’s education.

Weber stresses that what sets education apart at The Foundation Campus is “helping every child reach their God-given potential.”

“We are excited about helping everyone grow in all areas – academically, socially, spiritually,” says Weber.

At The Foundation Campus, learning can be more customized due to small class sizes.  “We have more opportunities to help each child reach their potential,” says Weber. “One of the most researched topics in all of education is the positive effect of small class size on student achievement.”

The accolades for the school extend beyond The Foundation Campus.  Earlier this year, Northwest Christian High School was voted the 2013 best high school in the South Sound by readers of South Sound Magazine.

In 2011, Dr. Norman Nielsen, a science teacher at Northwest Christian, received a regional Excellence in High School Teaching award.  Nielsen has taught for 13 years, following a career in industrial research and development.

“We are continuing to emphasize the best academic programs and preparing our kids for college,” adds Weber.

To that effort, Weber is emphasizing additional research into the best practices across the nation in every field.  “We want to use these best practices as a starting point and make them better, striving for excellence in all that we do,” explains Weber.

olympia private school
Northwest Christian High School was voted “2013 Best High School in the Greater South Sound” by readers of South Sound Magazine. NWCHS tied with Tacoma’s Charles Wright Academy for the top spot.

Weber sites research dating back to the 1960s that highlight the advantage of smaller schools, such as greater student achievement, higher graduation rates, stronger parent involvement, and safer schools. “Today, there is no question—students in small classes do much better overall—in math, in reading, and in overall performance,” says Weber.

Using a positive, upbeat attitude, Weber wants to help transform the campus into an even stronger “light to our community”.

Weber is proud of the connections that are made between kids of all ages.  For example, the Northwest Christian track team hosted a movie night for kids of the elementary school, Community Christian Academy.  “Because we are all on one campus, we can connect kids of all ages and they can learn from each other,” Weber adds.

In addition to academics, Northwest Christian athletes have seen success.  The girls cross country team has won a state record seven consecutive state championships but rather than focusing on the next big win, Weber (who also coaches the team) guides the team towards reaching their personal best. The girls track and field team, led by head coach Mike Michael, just won the 2013 state track and field championship using a similar philosophy.

This philosophy is congruent with their approach to learning and academics. Helping each student reach their potential is a daily focus.

“What happens here is a heartfelt passion to really just love these kids, wherever they are at,” summarizes Weber who says that The Foundation Campus will continue to find the best answers for every child.

To learn more about The Foundation Campus, including child care, preschool, elementary education, middle school, and high school, click here.


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