Jeff Widmer Joins Boggs Inspection Services

olympia home inspectors
Jeff Widmer is joining Boggs Inspection Services.


olympia home inspectors
Jeff Widmer (license #1016) is joining Boggs Inspection Services.

An Olympia transplant, Jeff Widmer is excited to be joining Dwayne Boggs and Boggs Inspection Services.

Jeff met Dwayne while he was tagging along on a home inspection with his fiancee.  “My fiancee is a real estate agent who has used Boggs Inspection Services for six years with her clients.  I went along with her one day and met Dwayne.  We started talking and I became more interested in joining him as a home inspector,” recalls Jeff.

Widmer has more than 15 years of experience in construction and home building.  During his construction career, he specialized in foundations and concrete work.

“My experience in construction, and understanding of how homes are built, will help me identify safety and health hazards as well as simple maintenance issues,” says Jeff.

“His knowledge and construction background is definitely a plus,” comments Dwayne Boggs.  He is excited to work with Jeff and credits his solid work ethic and easy going personality.

Widmer plans to also draw upon his sales experience when communicating with customers.  “I am able to talk with clients in a non-alarming way and make them feel more at ease in a high stress situation,” he explains.

Boggs adds that Jeff is good at explaining issues in very basic terms that clients can understand.

As Jeff moves on this next stage of his career, he is excited to be working with Dwayne Boggs and Boggs Inspection Services.  “Like myself, Dwayne is a man of integrity and honor.  I enjoy working with him,” he says.

Knowing what you are buying, before signing on the bottom line is critical for homeowners.  Being able to turn to a professional, knowledgeable home inspector that will educate you about the home seals the deal.

You can find Dwayne Boggs, Jeff Widmer and Boggs Inspection Services at or by calling 360.482.9602.

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