Rainier Teacher To Debut Young Adult Novel At Gabi’s Olympic Cards And Comics



Submitted by Guy Simpson

olympic cards and comicsLocal novelist and middle school teacher Guy Simpson of Rainier, will debut his young adult fantasy/horror novel “The Brotherhood of Olympus and the Deadliest Game” with an author appearance and book signing at Gabi’s Olympic Cards and Comics on Saturday, April 13, 2013, from 12:00 to 5:00 pm.

Originally scheduled to debut the novel with an author appearance and book signing at the recent Ridgeline Middle School Bingo for Books event, Simpson was unable to attend the event due to unforeseen circumstances.  Simpson, a science and leadership teacher, award winning artist and illustrator, and member of the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, has been working on the Brotherhood of Olympus saga for over thirty years while collecting extensive research for the myth, legend, and art that lies as the foundation of the tale.

The author appearance and book signing also signals to debut of the new Young Adult book section inside the largest comic and game store in the region.  Store owner, Gabrielle Shephard-Trautmann, was excited to add this new section to her busy store.   She said, “Some of my customers asked for us to carry young adult books, and I’m very supportive of the community.”  When asked about the author appearance, Shephard-Trautmann added, “We’ve had many writers and artists at Olympic Cards and Comics over the years to do signings, Guy Simpson is the start of a new chapter for us bringing in authors outside the comic industry.  He is also part of our community, being a local author, and I love to support the community.”

The novel is based on true events and set in the late 1970s in Aberdeen, Washington, “The Brotherhood of Olympus and the Deadliest Game” tells the story of Drake Frasier, a painfully shy, intellectually gifted thirteen year old boy growing up with his four brothers.  On a cold, gray Friday the thirteenth, his favorite uncle is killed in a horrible car crash involving a logging truck.  Drake and his brother’s lives take a sudden twist after the accident when they begin to encounter haunting spirits that bring terror and doom upon them.  He soon finds that he has unique gifts and abilities that allow him to fight the apparitions, and that there may be a greater sinister plot afoot.  But as Drake develops his skills to combat the ghastly specters, his oldest brother continues to use a Spirit board game that invites the evil into their lives.  Drake must bring his brothers back together to fight the nefarious forces to save his family, and quite possibly the world.

Karen Hart, author of “Hologram” said, “Simpson’s vivid art and intricate storytelling may leave you with a frightening new answer as to why the good die young — or to getting rid of that board game, the one your grandmother warned you about.”


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