What You Need To Know About Windshield Repairs



Submitted By: Bill Ruggiero of D.K. Boos Glass, Inc.

I know you have been in this situation before. You are driving down the highway and all of a sudden you hear that sharp, loud sound of a rock or some other object hitting your nice, new unblemished windshield. You scan the glass looking for the impact point, and then you see it. Not a very good feeling when you realize that a tiny little rock could end up costing you several hundred dollars to replace your once perfect windshield!

Even if you have insurance with a relatively low deductible, it’s still going to cost you that amount and time and trouble to deal with getting it replaced. I have found over the years that there are a few things you can do to save your windshield from cracking to the point where it’s unrepairable and can also save you time and money!

First, don’t panic! A chip in your vehicle’s windshield won’t cause it to be completely unsafe or cause it to leak. Windshield glass is made from two layers of glass laminated over a poly layer bonded in between to give it strength and safety. The chip usually only affects the outer layer of glass and if caught in time can be repaired in most cases. If the damage is smaller than the diameter of a quarter, then it usually is a good candidate for a repair.

There are a few things you can do to keep it from turning into a full length crack and will give you a fighting chance of saving the glass.

First, as soon as you can gently clean the chip with plain rubbing alcohol which helps dry out the damaged area and remove any dirt or debris that may have lodged in the glass.

Next, after the glass is dry, cover the chip with some tape to keep dirt and water out. Clear packing tape works best, but really anything you have around the house will be sufficient.

Try to avoid bumpy roads and extreme temperatures if possible and park your vehicle inside if you must wait until the next day to have it repaired.

Then get your vehicle to the nearest reputable repair facility and have that chip repaired as soon as possible. Most professionally run glass shops, such as the one I work for, use a superior strength repair resin that helps bond the broken glass together and fill the chip so in most cases the damage seems to almost disappear! Remember, the prime reason for this kind of repair is to save the windshield from breaking any further and is a structural repair. If the repair makes that chip almost fade away and your glass looks good too, then that is just a bonus!

As far as saving you money, having your chip repaired rather than replacing your windshield is a great way to keep your cash where it belongs, in your pocket! Most every insurance company will waive your deductible if you choose to have your windshield repaired instead of replaced.

Even if you have no insurance to cover the repair most reputable glass shops can do the repair for under $50.00. Not a bad deal that might save you hundreds if you had to replace that glass!

Repairs are also good for the environment and keep old broken windshields and moldings out of our landfills. They usually only take fifteen or twenty minutes to complete and require no extensive drying or curing time, so you can drive your car right away.

All in all, choosing to repair your windshield before that chip becomes a crack and has to be replaced makes a whole lot of sense and will save you time and money!



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