Submitted by:  Green GT, Inc. USA

Olympia, WA.

Local Vintage NASCAR Stock Car driver and Real Estate Broker Dick Pierson is getting ready to embark on yet another adventure in life. The semi-retired race car driver, who resides in Olympia, will be joined by NASCAR legend Kenny Schrader for a test of the newest entry to the 24 Hours of Le Mans Classic racing event to be held in Le Mans France in July of 2012.

Pierson will be joined by Schrader at a test track just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina for a full days testing of his newest triumph, a completely restored 1974 Ford Torino NASCAR Stock Car. Pierson has been working on the project for almost three years with his partner Christophe Schwartz of Paris France. The car, once owned by the great Junie Donleavy and driven at Le Mans by another NASCAR legend, Dick Brooks. Brooks, now deceased, drove the famous car in the 24 Hours of Le Mans race in 1976 and had the best finish ever of a NASCAR Stock Car in that event.

Pierson, now 63, says, “I have waited for many years to accomplish my dreams’, I was successful in 2006 by driving the Olympia Charger in the 24 hours of Le Mans Classic event.” Pierson is the only American to date to ever drive a NASCAR Stock Car in the event. Pierson still holds the record of not only being the first American to accomplish such a feat but also holds the tracks fastest stock car lap record, completing a full lap at speeds in excess of 185 MPH. “I have  accomplished so much, few people have the opportunities given to me, I feel very blessed.” said Pierson. However, life has not been a cake walk for Pierson, during the last few years he has experienced both heart problems and Cancer, but has beat both and is ready to get back in the seat for yet another run at the checkered flag in Le Mans.  “I am very excited to be able to share driving duties with Kenny, Kenny is a great guy and a great driver, I am really looking forward to our opportunity to put the car through its paces.”

Pierson leaves for Charlotte early next month for the test and heads for Le Mans France in June of 2012 for the 24 Hours of Le Mans race and later the 24 Hours of Le Mans Classic event to be held in July of 2012.

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