Washington State MUFON presents Teri Lynge-Kehl Online

August 1, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Stay Home Stay Healthy
Donation $1.00 or more for zoom ticket
Kathleen Wyer

Teri is an accomplished keynote speaker and has presented at numerous conferences and symposiums. A member of MUFON since 2010, she has been a State Director, Assistant State Director, Star Team Member and field investigator. She now sits on the Board of Directors and is the Director of Memberships for MUFON.

Teri’s e-book, Alien Healing: A True Story of a Benevolent Extraterrestrial is available on Amazon.com. This is the detailed account of how an unknown reptilian extraterrestrial hybrid miraculously healed and removed the pain associated with complications arising from a life-saving surgical procedure that had plagued Teri for more than 12 years. She is a radio host and TV personality with “The PAIRANORMALS” and “Enigmatic Anomalies”. Teri has been interviewed on Coast to Coast several times. She authors a blog at Terilynge.com.

In 1973, Teri experienced a very powerful spiritual awakening that changed her life. Her personal extraterrestrial experience in 1979 changed everything she knew to be true, and she began a deeper study of what life and Spiritual Truth were really all about. She approaches her studies scientifically with an open nonjudgmental mind and no subject is too controversial to research.

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