Thurston County Women Care

November 19, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
Dirty Daves Pizza
2929 Martin Way E Olympia Wa 98506
Amanda Sanders

This is a group of women that will meet quarterly in Thurston County.This will be a non- religious,non- political group. It will be $10.00 to attend meeting and to help decide what charity (501) the money from each quarter will be applied to. Money will be placed in envelopes and inside the name of the charity will be wrote and the members name. Members can choose to donate larger amounts if they care to do so. There is no age minimum to attend. A few weeks in advance information will be sent out on several different charities in Thurston County. All their physical info,websites ,and any information pertaining to what they do will be provided for further research on the members part. At the meeting we will tally votes and the money will go to that charity.

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