Hands-On Butchery: Chef-Ready Steaks, Roasts and Grinds

February 19, 2020 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Delmonico's Heritage Butcher
916 Fourth Ave East
Olympia WA 98506

The Hands-on butchery class is a fun, impactful night that’s great for creative networking, dates, and education for all levels of foodies about craft techniques in butchery and local meat sourcing.

Working with the Delmonico butchers, and using traditional artisan methods, our Student Guests will study, strategize about and butcher beef primals to discover the steaks, roasts and grinds within. These include sirloin, top round, and chuck roasts, as well as unique cuts like the Denver, to name a few. We’ll discover how lower-cost mid-cuts are at the heart of the most delicious dinners. The class includes a full tour of the shop and demonstrations of the equipment we use in our butchery, as well as tips for how home cooks can adapt our techniques for processing, storing, dry-aging, and serving beef in their own kitchen. Student Guests will learn through French methods the art and skill of thrift and how it is the foundation of a successful in-kitchen execution of Cuisines.

A continual review of knife skills, knife safety, and food safety best-practices takes place during class.

Limited to 8 attendees.

Buy a seat in the class – or – for $50 more, buy a seat + take home $60 worth of Del’s product (including all fresh meats and sundries) on the day of class!

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