HaHas at Quarter Mile

May 18, 2019 @ 7:00 pm
Quarter Mile Bar & Grill
404 1st St S
Yelm, Yelm
Washington 98597
South Sound Productions

Tickets are $15 online (plus fees) / $25 at the door. Why buy online? It guarantees that you GET a seat inside? Once we hit 100 people, we will stop letting people for capacity reasons.

21+ only – Doors open at 7 p.m. (or you may come sooner) and show starts at 8 pm.

There’s food on site! Yum yum!

NOTE: Our first show SOLD OUT at 100 people. Expect these shows to all sell out as well.

Headliner: Sam Miller Comedy
Local comedian, Sam Miller, takes the stage again at Quarter Mile Bar & Grill. Sam Miller is local from Olympia Washington. He is 6 foot 6, 360 pounds, has 2 kids, (one of them is on purpose) he’s been married for 8 years, and has been clean and sober for 10 years. Sam likes to make jokes about what it’s like to be a sober parent. He also likes to make jokes about what jails like in Yakima. Sam has performed at the Seattle International Comedy Competition and won the Comedy on Trial Competition in 2017. He’s also performed with the addicts comedy tour and at NA and AA conventions all over the northwest.

Feature: Cavin Eggleston
Cavin Eggleston is an up-and-coming comic who combines personal stories with an absurdist twist. His style has been called sarcastic, surprisingly charming, and “Fine, if you like that sort of thing,” by his mother.

Originally from Wenatchee, Washington, Cavin discovered stand-up as an alternative to stress eating and therapy. When he’s not on stage, he is an English teacher. Cavin pulls events from the classroom onto the stage and is great at reminding the audience that those who can’t, teach.

Guest: Richie Aflleje
Born and raised adjacent to the luscious forests of Washington State, Richie Aflleje is a brown, bearded, huggable, young comedian. His beard and his hugs are only exceeded by his humor, and after getting 70 pounds off of his body, he has a lot to get off of his chest! But, what Richie has lost in weight, he has gained in charm. Telling of first hand accounts up and down the west coast, Richie has a unique ability to make light of precarious situations.

Host: Rachel Laurendeau
Rachel was born and raised in Tacoma, Washington and got her start in comedy in Olympia while she attended The Evergreen State College. Now based out of Tacoma, Rachel works with children by day and entertains the bar crowds by night. Rachel produces a clean comedy showcase called Wholesome HaHas and co-produces various comedy events at Honey Studios in Tacoma. Rachel’s comedy is versatile and approachable with a generous sprinkling of sass. Rachel recently placed second in Seattle’s yearly Comedy on Trial competition and was selected to compete in the Western Oregon Comedy Competition. Her comedy has given her the opportunity to perform in a variety of venues such as bars, coffee shops, comedy clubs, churches, boats, and living rooms across western Washington, Oregon, and beyond.

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