Olympia’s Board & Brush is flexing its creative muscles with expanded hours and offerings. Manager Erika Gulliford is filling the calendar with summer camps for your kids, bingo, and trivia nights for adults and quite a few things in-between. The art studio is supplied with ideas and projects to make your ladies’ night out, birthday party or fundraiser easy and fun.  

Summer camp for your children will be memorable and plenty of fun as youth craft their unique projects at Olympia’s Board & Brush. Photo courtesy: Board & Brush

Become a DIY Master With a Little Help From Board & Brush

Don’t worry if you have never used a hammer, power tool or sandpaper. You can learn to distress wood and apply wax to protect it from the elements. Board & Brush will even show you the way to add picture hangers to your décor so it will end up on the wall. The corporate office of Board & Brush works with top graphic designers to design farmhouse, vintage pieces whose variety may astound you. Your finished pieces will look like they have been part of your family for years.

Maybe you have thought you’d undertake a crafty DIY at your own home. That’s a great idea, however, Board & Brush has taken the time and effort to gather an abundance of supplies. Paint colors span the rainbow and there is a good selection of stains, which gives you the chance to get your project exactly the way you want. The tools are there along with an instructor to guide you along the way. Don’t forget you will want to add your own flair with glitter, ribbons and ropes. You don’t have to buy all these, because they will all be waiting for you and your guests. Every project allows for personal touches with names, monograms, or dates which make them extra special. Your great idea done at Board & Brush requires no clean-up either.

For those who are looking for something other than a sign project, that’s no worry either. You could choose to do glass etching on wine glasses, mugs or kitchen containers. There are doormats or planters to make and decorate, which could be for plants but also used for keys, towels in a bathroom or other creative uses.

The educational workshops are a flat fee to include all the things you need to leave with a finished, classic piece to adorn your walls, porch, or countertops. You also get to take home all the skills you learned along the way. Who knew sanding, staining and stenciling could be so useful to know?

Excellent Event Space at Olympia’s Board & Brush

Are you thinking about having a gathering at your home for a birthday party or just for the fun of it? Holding your party at Board & Brush offers many perks. The overarching plus is that every attendee will get in on the fun creating a project that they will finish and take home that same day. You could pick a theme or just let people pick the one they want.

women sitting at a table playing bingo and painting wooden signs
Hold a bridal shower, birthday party or a fundraiser at Olympia’s Board & Brush. Everyone will make a piece of home decor personalized and completed that day. Photo courtesy: Board & Brush

Letting Board & Brush host your event means you won’t have to clean it up either before or after your guests. Everything you need for a successful make-and-take event in Olympia are on hand along with an instructor. For adult parties, Board & Brush can supply either beer and/or wine. If you want a cake or other food, you can bring that along yourself. There is also plenty of parking.

Olympia’s Board & Brush is an ideal location for your business team building event. People have also started booking Board & Brush for local fundraising events. Consider having a birthday party for one of your children or your spouse. It can be fun to entertain, but using the studio instead of your home will let you focus your time and energy on your guests and friends instead of cleaning the bathroom, vacuuming, and getting activities together. All you need is six people to reserve a space during the week or eight people on the weekend. The space can accommodate up to 25.

Creative Summer Camp in Olympia

Camp dates are getting scheduled now and begin in July. They are for campers from age 6 on up. They can choose their own personalized project. “The teachers are awesome!” notes Erika, who said instructors are teachers on summer break. Light snacks will be served.

a black wood bingo board and a bingo ball hopper on a dooen table with a wood box that says Farm to Table in the background that is holding bingo cards
Play bingo, win prizes and have a blast making your own vintage sign or other fun piece of home decor. Board & Brush is a fabulous host. Photo courtesy: Board & Brush

Adult Bingo and Trivia Nights at Board & Brush

Most Thursday nights are dedicated to Bingo. Some are Happy Hours. You might win a prize. Neighboring business Off the Hook gets in on the fun. Red Velvet Bakery by the Sea is getting involved, too.

DIY Home Kits from Board & Brush

Are you desirous of one of these projects but currently have a calendar that doesn’t work well with the one at Board & Brush? That’s not a problem. You can shop for a wide variety of premade signs, boxes, trays, porch signs and do yours at home. Pick from seasonal designs to children’s kits to inspirational messages.

Find your smiles and get in on the fun. Keep up via Board & Brush website and Facebook. Look for participation in local summer markets and festivals.

New hours: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Tuesday – Fridays. Weekends are booked with workshops.

Schedule a visit if you like.

Board & Brush
6441 Sexton Drive Bldg H, Suite 101, Olympia


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