Arcade games for kids? Check. Nostalgic games adults love? Check. Amazing food? Check. A full bar for adults only? Check. Private room rentals? Check. Insert Coin, a family-friendly arcade in Centralia is expanding to Olympia with a huge space that’s going to include more games, more food, more beer and axe throwing!

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Dan and Keli Coleman originally wanted to open their first arcade and bar in Olympia, but at the time, couldn’t find a space they liked. Since they owned some rental properties in Centralia, they decided to open the first Insert Coin there. On July 9, 2021, Insert Coin opened and was an immediate success.

“It’s done very well down there, so we decided we wanted to open a second location up here because we also live up here,” shares Keli.

Arcade in Olympia Offers More Games, More Fun

At 7,000 square feet, Insert Coin Centralia is packed to the brim. The new arcade in Olympia will be over three times that size, with 23,000 square feet, allowing the Colemans to give everyone even more fun. “The arcade is like three times bigger,” shares Keli, “the restaurant is three times bigger, the bar is three times bigger.”

a row of arcade games
Insert Coin Centralia has over 100 retro arcade, pinball, and newer video and ticket redemption games. Insert Coin Olympia will have over 200 retro arcade, pinball and newer video and ticket redemption games on the floor. Photo courtesy: Insert Coin

More space means more games. Insert Coin Olympia will have a variety of nostalgic to modern games, meaning they have something for every gamer. From the world’s largest Pac-Man – it’s seriously fun to play with someone else! – to pinball and air hockey, they have all the games you would expect to see at an arcade. Because of the added space, you are sure to find more of your favorites, including 25 pinball machines.

a person pouring beer into a glass from a tap
Insert Coin Centralia has a 26-tap self-pour beer and cider wall. Insert Coin Olympia will have a 32-tap self-pour beer and cider wall. Photo courtesy: Insert Coin

The 21-and-over bar in Olympia will include pull tab tickets, with a chance to win anything from a $1 to $500, and their popular self-pour beer wall will have a whopping 32 tabs. You will also get to see the first Makr Shakr robot bartender in Thurston County in action.

While the Centralia location has one party rental space, Insert Coin Olympia will have three, with the ability to combine the spaces to accommodate up to 120 guests.

large hamburger with a knife in the top and a basket of fries on a red and white checked paper
Insert Coin Olympia will offer the same great menu as the Centralia location, which includes hand-pattied stuffed burgers and fresh sourdough pizza. Photo courtesy: Insert Coin

Axe Throwing Comes to Thurston County (and an Ice Cream Parlor Too)

Extra space also means they can add things they do not have at the Centralia location, including ax throwing lanes and an ice cream parlor.

Insert Coin Olympia will have something no other arcade in Thurston County has, axe throwing! “We wanted it to be more like a full family entertainment center,” shares Keli. “It was just big enough that we could offer something like that and since there was no axe-throwing in the area, we thought it might be a good little niche to fit into.” They will have nine lanes, which will be available for use by reservation. An axe-throwing attendant will be there to show you how to throw the axes.

In addition, they are starting an axe-throwing league. “From what I’ve seen, it looks to me like we’re the first one in Thurston County,” explains Keli. Called the Golden Axes at Insert Coin – named after a video game of course – the group will meet weekly for practice and will compete against other teams at events.

If you ever ventured south to Portland decades ago, you may remember Farrell’s – an amazing ice cream parlor with all kinds of crazy creations. Insert Coin Olympia is bringing back some of that vibe with their ice cream parlor, which will feature over-the-top milkshakes with tons of toppings. “They are going to be a lot different than a normal milkshake,” shares Keli. “For example, we’ll have a birthday cake milkshake with a whole cupcake on top. So, lots of sweets and candy. A whole dessert!”

a family holding up their paintings at Insert Coin
Insert Coin Centralia does monthly, themed Paint n Sip events. The Olympia location will follow suit! Photo courtesy: Insert Coin

More Events at Insert Coin Olympia

Like Centralia, Insert Coin Olympia will have weekly karaoke, bi-weekly trivia games and monthly paint-and-sip events. Because of the number of games available, they are also going to have more arcade tournaments, most likely weekly.

Keli is hoping Insert Coin will be open by the end of summer or early fall 2024. For now, you can head to Insert Coin in Centralia for some family-friendly fun. Follow Insert Coin Olympia on Facebook to keep updated on their progress and opening date.

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