Bruce Ikenberry Says Penrose Physical Therapists ‘Know Their Stuff’ in Restoring Health and Life Activities


Retiree, photographer and drummer Bruce Ikenberry can’t say enough good things about the team at Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy in Lacey.  “They are a great bunch of people, from the minute you come in the front door,” he says. “They are on top of their jobs and very down to earth, kind people. They know their stuff.”

State retiree and artistic photographer Bruce Ikenberry credits Penrose Physical Therapy for helping him return to enjoying his time taking photos and drumming. Photo courtesy: Bruce Ikenberry Photography

Penrose Provides Treatment to Improve Impacts of Spinal Stenosis

Ikenberry’s primary care physician referred him to physical therapy for treatment of his spinal stenosis, which is when a backbone that is too small places pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. Spinal stenosis can restrict movement and cause pain in many parts of the body including the lower back and the neck. “I found Penrose to be extremely good, very thorough and very focused,” Ikenberry says of the treatment he has been receiving for that condition. “They watch your form (as you exercise), so you are accurate.”

Ikenberry says he had seen other physical therapists in the past, and is impressed with the treatment he is receiving at Penrose. Ikenberry’s Penrose team included physical therapists Mary Hale and Nicole Marchiori. “Both my physical therapists work together to discuss my situation,” Ikenberry says. “They are really happy with my progress. When they measure my range of motion, something improves every time they measure it.”

Taking outdoor landscape photos is one of Penrose Physical Therapy patient Bruce Ikenberry’s passions. Ikenberry has been receiving physical therapy for spinal stenosis. Photo courtesy: Bruce Ikenberry Photography

Penrose Physical Therapy Returns Ikenberry to Favorite Activities and Passions

Ikenberry is a retired state employee. His passions include taking photos of fine art and landscapes. Plus, he loves to play the drums. However, his spinal stenosis impeded his ability to stand with his photography tripod, and to hold his arms up while drumming. The Penrose staff promptly saw how physical therapy could improve his life.

“They picked up on it real fast,” he says of the staff’s understanding of his condition, the treatment path, and his goals. “They really, really care and they are focused. They relate to your passions in life.”

Although he had to reduce some of his favorite activities due to his condition, thanks to Penrose he is making a return to pastimes he enjoys. “Lately I’ve started back up again,” he says of his drumming, an example of the successful results of his physical therapy at Penrose the last several months.

Bruce Ikenberry likes to spend time playing the drums. With the help of Penrose Physical Therapy, he is returning to this favorite past time. Photo courtesy: Bruce Ikenberry Photography

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Dr. Jennifer Penrose has been a physical therapist since 2001 with a doctorate in physical therapy. She is board certified in orthopedics (OCS) and manual certified (MTC). Penrose & Associates Physical Therapy was voted the “Best of South Sound” physical therapy clinic in 2023. If you have pain or are healing from surgery or an injury, physical therapy can help restore you to your employment, hobbies, activities and passions. Check out the Penrose Physical Therapy website for information and details.

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