First, it is important to know what happens at Olympia’s Board & Brush. Customers will find a welcoming, well-stocked art studio equipped to provide you and your friends, family or workmates a place to create one-of-a-kind home décor items. You might be thinking of rustic signs with favorite sayings. That’s just one possibility, there’s so much more to create! Your craft project could be a serving tray with a folk-art heart pattern, a practical indoor planter or a nature-patterned sign for your front entryway. The possibilities are nearly unlimited and new events are happening!

view of a table with a setting for four including napkins, and a long wooden painting running down the middle on top of a cream runner. The wooden painting has orange and green designs.
Elevate your table art with unique crafting opportunities at Olympia’s Board & Brush. You will find projects for both indoor and and outdoor use. Photo courtesy: Board & Brush

Small Businesses Bring New Energy and Offerings to DIY Workshops

Board & Brush is teaming up with other local businesses to add fun and flair to the workshops being offered.  While customers are being guided along their creative paths, they might be sipping a delicious beverage from Urraco Coffee Company, who is co-hosting a special event. Working with other small businesses gives them opportunities and exposure to spread the word. The nearby Tipsy Whale Mercantile will be part of another session, and you can be sure there will specially selected brews. “Fun events incorporate food,” says Erika Gulliford, Board & Brush manager.

Do you own or operate a business that would be a welcome addition to a Board & Brush Event?

Of course, all things food are intriguing. However, Board & Brush imagines suggestions that are out of the ordinary. Please contact Erika with your ideas.

Another angle for local businesses is holding a team building event. Board & Brush can serve beer and wine if that’s part of the program. You can design the scope of project and the time you want to devote to being in the studio.

large wood tables with metal stools underneath are covered with butcher paper and have an assortment of art supplies on top. Wood signs hang all over the walls
Find a fully equipped art studio at Board & Brush. With hundreds of DIY projects to choose from and lots of space, you and your friends can have a great time and bring your projects home. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

Delightful DIY at Board & Brush with Support from Experts

You might have considered doing a craft like this at home, but what about all the supplies you’ll need? Board & Brush has all the supplies for great results right at your fingertips. There are paints and stains with a rainbow of colors. You’ll find tools for distressing your wood, and glitter to add flair. Board & Brush is stocked with ribbons, ropes, stencils and other essential accessories. With a team of experienced instructors, you’ll be guided step by step from beginning to end of your project. You may also choose to do glass etching on mugs, pet or treat containers, bowls and other glassware.

It is easy to attend a workshop. Some are called mini-crunch time sessions that last from two to three hours. Bigger pieces are scheduled for three and a half hours. The hard part is deciding which project to pick!

Erika Gulliford standing in Board & Brush with a chalkboard calendar behind her that says 'January'
Board & Brush’s new Manager, Erika Gulliford (pictured), is collaborating with local businesses to add new elements to the DYI crafting workshops. Photo credit: Mary Ellen Psaltis

New Board & Brush Manager

Erika is enthusiastic about the synergy that Board & Paint is creating with its new business collaborators. “My interest is incorporating small businesses and community support,” she says. All the excitement gets passed along to workshop participants. Erika will be traveling to Wisconsin for a three-day training with the franchise. It will cover all the ins and outs of running operations and continuing to create a welcoming space for all levels of crafters.

Since moving from urban Tacoma, Erika adores her Steamboat Island neighborhood. DIY, Do-It-Yourself, is right up her alley. Erika finds joy in homesteading on her two-and-half-acre property. A large garden requires time and attention. She preserves food, forages for mushrooms and digs for clams. Erika appreciates the rural feeling and caring of the people around her. “I love doing DIY,” she smiles, and she likes getting to know her clients.

Board & Brush Moves Forward

The franchise was originally opened in 2018. COVID created severe obstacles that caused the doors to close. In 2021, Veterinarian Dr. Mike Murphy – former owner Steamboat Animal Hospital – purchased the business and reopened it. He is an active supporter and server of our community through many venues.

Spring & Summer Activity Camps

Look for information about afternoons in April when students from ages 6 to 14 can come after school on Wednesdays to work on their own designs. People will also find new offerings in the Olympia Parks, Arts and Recreation catalogue, including ones for youth, seniors and everyone in-between.

a wooden sign with pineconesa nd pine branches painted on it that says, 'The Bernettes' leans against a house with fake fir trees next to it and birch logs in a tin can.
You’ll be thrilled with the art projects you can complete at Olympia’s Board & Brush. Pros help you along the way. Make something for yourself or a personalized gift. Photo courtesy: Board & Brush

Schedule Your Fun at Olympia’s Board & Brush

Check out the Board & Brush website to see the many choices for your personalized crafting session. Consider making it a date night. Organize your book club for a change of pace. There are spaces for up to 25 people. It makes a satisfying activity for a birthday or special day party. Look for Trivia Nights and other events. There might even be a murder mystery in the works. “It will be fun,” promises Erika.

And, if you don’t get that far out into Olympia and Thurston County’s westside often, you might want to check it out. The area right off Highway 101 may look quite different to you.  You will find services, eateries, Board & Paint and more. “The area has really developed,” notes Erika.

Get in on the fun! Keep up via the Board & Brush website and Facebook.

Board & Brush
6541 Sexton Dr. Bldg H, Suite 101, Olympia


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