Pizzeria La Gitana, an established authentic Italian pizzeria in Olympia and Yelm, has set a table especially for you. The restaurant is located in Thurston County, but you’ll be embraced with a European vibe from the moment you step in and are seated. Floor-to-ceiling brick walls, natural greenery and decorative white lights nurture an ambiance of cozy comfort as you settle in for your meal. Jazz is back on Saturday evenings. You’ll find intriguing new menu items, too. Are you ready to treat yourself? Now is a great time!

antipasto board
Classy, quality antipasto boards are making their debut at Pizzeria La Gitana. Savor select meats and cheeses with a glass of wine. Photo courtesy: Pizzeria La Gitana

New Antipasto Boards at Pizzeria La Gitana

“I wanted to do antipasto boards before Covid,” says Marian. That offered time to prepare, and now he is pleased they are ready. The antipasto is presented on serving dishes uniquely crafted from walnut wood by a friend from Moldavia. They are sturdy and gorgeous. 

The food on the platters is equally amazing. “All the products are upscale from Italy,” Marian shares. “You won’t find these products at your supermarket. It is very important for me to sell quality.” Bringing an authentic food experience is essential for Pizzeria La Gitana. Let’s take a peek at the antipasto possibilities.

You can savor three Italian, imported salami with an olive mix and pickled veggies. “We have salami that is delicious to the core,” Marian exclaims. The quartet of carefully selected cheeses will pair perfectly with your glass of wine. There are a few surprises, including a vegan antipasto board that turns out to be a huge success form the start. Marian promises you that everything is “absolutely delicious!”  You can order a combo platter with both cheese and meat.  House-made flatbread with rosemary and coarse salt goes with everything. All are made fresh upon ordering.

Dining at Pizzeria La Gitana has new options with lovingly prepared antipasto boards with scrumptious meats and cheeses – and even a vegan option! Photo courtesy: Pizzeria La Gitana

Italian Pizzeria in Olympia and Yelm with Monthly Wine Flights

Let Pizzeria La Gitana pour you four tastes of carefully selected wines that change each month. They’ll come in a stylish, fairy-lit, stacked holder. If those wines don’t line up with your mood, you can design your own flight with any of the wines by the glass. The flight with your antipasto makes a memorable pairing.

Elegant and fun, Pizzeria La Gitana’s monthly-changing wine flights include four pours and fairy lights. Photo courtesy: Pizzeria La Gitana

Pizzeria La Gitana Monthly Pizza and Pasta Specials

Pizzeria La Gitana’s new and long-standing recipes are reasons to come back again and again. “The consistency is unbelievable,” remarks a frequent guest.

“It’s as good as the first time we were here seven years ago,” says another returning diner.

The latest temptation is ravioli with goat cheese and mushrooms. “I hope for lasagna soon,” says Marian. We sold over 100 servings in 2 weeks. And this tells us it is a success.

Creamy sauce with mushrooms with freshly made ravioli is a new addition to the Pizzeria La Gitana menu. Photo courtesy: Pizzeria La Gitana

The consistency is because of the insistence on quality ingredients like the flour for the pizza and pasta. It all comes from Italy, France, Greece .. from all over the world.. A surprising number of gluten-intolerant diners remark that they can eat La Gitana’s thin crust pizza without physical repercussions.

Pizzeria La Gitana is simply a sweet place to hang out for a great meal. The attention to detail, like the fresh rose on each table, shows the love and attention that Marian continues to lavish on the business.

Wood fired pizzas with a thin crust are long-time favorites at Pizzeria La Gitana. New offerings are on the menu now at both Olympia and Yelm locations. Photo courtesy: Pizzeria La Gitana

Music and More Happenings at Pizzeria La Gitana in Olympia

Live Jazz is back in Olympia on Saturday evenings from 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. There is no cover charge, so it’s recommended you make a reservation. Keep a look out for other fun events like the returning of the live Flamenco show, every third Saturday of each month. There will be dancers and singers on the stage! In the mood for Happy Hour? Look for upcoming specials between 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Life tends to be busy. It would be miraculous to be transported to Italy to a pizzeria with a wood-fired oven for a tasty meal. Pizzeria La Gitana is closer and quicker. Marian and his team are ready to cook for you, serve you, and do the dishes. And, after 12 years in Olympia and 13 in Yelm, they know how to treat their customers like family. Bring a friend, sip your wine, enjoy the music and breathe. Life is meant to be lived with gusto (and fabulous, creative food.)

If you have a small group, there’s a party space that you can reserve. Monthly fundraisers for local organizations like SOGO are back in place. On a selected day, 20% of all sales will be donated.

You can believe Marian when he says, “It’s not rocket science, it’s pizza science and we’ve got it!” Learn more about either location at the Pizzeria La Gitana website.

Pizzeria La Gitana
518 Capitol Way, Olympia
309 Yelm Avenue E, Yelm

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