Hometown Property Management is Back Home in Lacey


Hometown Property Management is back where it started, in Lacey. The Thurston County rental management company has returned to its roots in business and community service, happily settled in its new headquarters. The new Hometown hub is the center of all activity with management services, renting, accounting, legal and maintenance all on site.

Hometown Property Management is happy to be back in Lacey at its new headquarters location of 4804 Lacey Boulevard SE in Lacey. Photo courtesy: Hometown Property Management

Hometown Property Management Returns to Its Home Town of Lacey

After budding off from the Century 21 Hometown in-house property management department, clientele grew throughout Lacey and Thurston County. Owner Andrew Barkis purchased the business in 2004.  Hometown Property Management first moved operations from its original location in Lacey when the City of Lacey purchased the building to convert it to their public works headquarters. From there, the Hometown office relocated to another Lacey site before a move to Olympia provided a place to settle for the next 15 years.

Back in familiar Lacey, a 1930’s bungalow, very symbolic of home quaintness, was just waiting to be transformed into their new office space.

“When I saw it, I knew the building very well. It used to be the old Lacey Chamber office years and years ago when I was president of the Lacey Chamber,” Barkis says. “It was a great transaction with the owner, and then we did an extensive remodel on it. The bonus was that we were back in Lacey. I was trying to come back here because this is where we started. I really like the Lacey business community and have been super involved with Lacey and in all of my community activities.”

Hometown accounting, sales, legal and management crew are on site at the new Lacey headquarters. Shown here: Lacey Chamber of Commerce and Hometown Property Management at the new Lacey headquarters ribbon cutting ceremony. Photo courtesy: Hometown Property Management

Thurston County Property Management Company Embraces Its Lacey Community Connections

Staying involved with the community is important for the Hometown Property Management team because the well-being and prosperity of the people they serve and the businesses they interact with all affect one another. When one thrives, so do the others.

“It started with the Lacey Sunrise Lions Club, and that was my introduction to getting involved in the Lacey community through service,” says Barkis who also serves as a Washington State House Representative for the 2nd District since 2016. “That is a long-standing club with great tradition that many people throughout the community have been part of. Through the Lacey Sunrise Lions we did everything. We were involved with so many things from the Lacey Fun Fair to the fishing derby to Relay for Life, you name it. Then, what was really key for me, was getting involved in the Lacey Chamber of Commerce, which has always been this fantastic network that balances business and community, and that tradition continues today.”

Community support also extends through transactions with other local businesses and their employees. Contributing to the positive employment through its use of local vendors and suppliers in Thurston County is another way Hometown invests in community.

Lacey Headquarters Houses the Complete Hometown Property Management Team

All the facets of Hometown Property Management branch out of the busy Lacey hub with owners, tenant, vendors and staff coming and going. The maintenance coordinator, supervisor and team arrive each day to prep and ready their work vehicles and supplies. The accounting team is on-site, preparing their detailed financial reports for the month. Management and leasing meet with clients, walking them through the rental process, finalizing paperwork and getting tenants keys to their new places. The entire crew enjoys the logistics of the new location.

While supported by technology for ease and convenience, face-to-face interactions at the main site are key to the personal touch for which Hometown Property Management is known for. First of the month rent payments previously caused quite a buzz, and now the space has less traffic for routine tasks and is more available for other business discussions. Client interactions may start over the phone, but staff still meet with owners to go through houses and reconvene at the Lacey office to finalize contracts.

Hometown and the Lacey Chamber of Commerce celebrated with a ribbon cutting for the new Lacey headquarters. From left to right: Debbie O’Neill from accounting, General Manager Cameron Barkis, Owners Lisa and Andrew Barkis and Maintenance Director Jordan Nitz. Photo courtesy: Hometown Property Management

Property Management Provides Comforting Oversight for Owners and Tenants

Keeping a property in good condition and facilitating communication between all parties gives peace of mind. Having that service match a client’s needs is even better.

If a property owner is more geared for a hands-off, investment interest approach, full-service support is at the ready. Inspectors evaluate the homes structurally and financially. Advertising through multiple platforms aims for a large audience. Viewing appointments are made available via ShowMojo, a secure digital resource that identifies and holds responsible potential renters who schedule a viewing. Hometown processes applications, verifies income, employment, and performs criminal and credit background checks.

Homeowners and tenants can feel rest assured that lease agreements are kept up to date with current laws by legal advisors and that Hometown Property Management is both flexible and efficient in providing a variety of different methods for renters to pay.

When property owners prefer more ala-carte service or need to add an unexpected service to their partial support plan, customization is available too.

Check out the Hometown Property Management website for the full rundown of services and see what is right for your needs. Property owners considering their home as a rental can entertain a no-obligation consultation. Hometown Property Management in Lacey is equipped, skilled, community connected and ready to help.


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