Mission Nonprofit Spotlight: Three Little Pitties Rescue


Each month, Thurston Community Media (TCMedia)’s Mission Nonprofit connects with local organizations and agencies that are making positive impacts in our communities. This month, Mission Nonprofit host Jessica Hice sat down with Erica Gott, event coordinator, and Candace, a volunteer, with Three Little Pitties Rescue. Special guest Bert, an adoptable dog, joined as well.

Three Little Pitties Rescue is a nonprofit that helps find forever homes for dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters and the streets of Houston, Texas. Services they provide include transport, spay and neuter, and adoption. Since 2018 they have helped over 12,000 animals!

Animals are fostered in Texas and then transported to Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming and Canada with a USDA-certified transport semi-truck about every three weeks.

In Thurston County, they have a Lacey chapter. “Here we are focused on getting those dogs adopted,” shares Erica. “We have fosters all throughout the region and then events we put on and things to get those dogs seen and adopted.”

The nonprofit also helps fight stereotypes about certain breeds, including of course the pit bull, which they are named after. “The biggest misconception is that they’re all fighters, they’re all aggressive,” says Erica. “They innately are lovers. They want to love people, they want to be around people, and as long as they are properly socialized, they’re great with other dogs also. Just like any dog.”

Adoptable Dog: Bert

Bert is a mix that has been with Three Little Pitties since December 2022, after being in a Texas county shelter for a year and a half. “He’s great with cats,” Erica shares. “He lives with four cats currently and he loves to snuggle with them. He loves camping and swimming. He’s really great about being respectful with food and kids and he is just looking for his forever family.”

Help Three Little Pitties

You can help by becoming a foster for an animal in need. You can also help by making a tax-deductible donation that helps with vet care and other expenses. They have about $65,000/month in veterinary expenses.

For more information, watch the full video above and visit the Three Little Pitties Rescue website.

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