Puget Sound Energy Is Helping Customers Save Money on Their Winter Energy Bills

Customers can take advantage of several programs to reduce their bills


Submitted by Puget Sound Energy

As fall and winter usher in cooler temperatures, Puget Sound Energy (PSE) natural gas customers will see a significant reprieve from higher prices as the result of PSE’s Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA) filed with the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission.

The PGA was filed with the Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) and, if approved, will decrease natural gas rates on average about 24.2%, starting Nov. 1. The Purchased Gas Adjustment allows utilities to adjust rates, up or down, to reflect fluctuations in the price of natural gas in the wholesale market. The PGA is helping to offset an average 2% rate increase for natural gas customers resulting from costs incurred by PSE to comply with Washington state’s Climate Commitment Act. Accounting for both of these rate adjustments, the average residential customer will pay $77 dollars in November, down from a current average bill of $99.

PSE is always looking for ways to help customers save energy and money. Here are some of the programs customers can take advantage of this fall and winter:

Bill Discount Rate: Income-eligible customers can now reduce their PSE energy bills by up to 45% a month through the Bill Discount program. Qualifying program participants will get an automatic discount on their energy bills every month in addition to any other assistance they may be receiving. Find out if you qualify by visiting the PSE website.

PSE Flex: Customers can now sign up for programs that offer a financial incentive for reducing use at times when demand spikes, such as a cold winter day. These voluntary programs include:

Flex Smart: Residential electric customers with AMI meters and smart thermostat, water heater, EV and/or battery storage solution that heat or cool with PSE electricity will get an alert that demand is high and PSE will adjusts customer’s device during a specific time period. The customer can opt out at any time. Learn more here.

Flex Rewards: Residential electric customers with AMI meters who heat and cool with PSE electricity may get an alert and will be asked to reduce their energy usage during that time period. Learn more here.

Targeted Electrification Pilot: PSE recently launched its targeted electrification pilot program that will help thousands of its natural gas customers’ learn how to transition to more efficient and sustainable electric technologies with a free comprehensive home electrification assessment. Learn how to get your free assessment before May 2024.

Energy efficiency: Conserving energy is one of the most cost-effective ways customers can cut their bills, even during the darkest and coldest days of the year. Ways to save include many DIY options, like installing basic window coverings and regularly changing furnace filters, to using less hot water, switching to LED lighting, and turning your thermostat down 7 to 10 degrees while you are away or sleeping. PSE customers can take advantage of special offers running through the end of the year, including smart thermostat sales on the PSE Marketplace and increased rebates on certain electric hybrid water heater models. PSE also has online tools to help customers understand their energy usage and has a team of Energy Advisors who can answer questions. Income-qualified customers can also apply for higher rebates on energy-efficient upgrades. For more visit the PSE website.

PSE is committed to helping our customers who are struggling to pay their bills through payment plans and multiple bill payment assistance programs for income-qualified customers, like the Bill Discount Rate noted above. PSE encourages customers to visit, the PSE website for more information on all of our bill assistance programs.

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