As kids head off to college or retirement draws near, many people take the opportunity to evaluate what they want in the coming years. It can be exciting to think of setting off on the next adventure somewhere new. Olympia has become a hot spot for people all around the country to settle into the next chapter of their lives, with Harbor Heights serving as a central place to call home. This 55+ community has welcomed many out-of-state residents into a new phase of convenience, relaxation and luxury.

Olympia Unrivaled as a Tourist Destination and Place to Call Home

After selling their businesses in Durango, Colorado, Harbor Heights residents Bill and Jeannette kicked off their retirement with a period of travel around the United States. “We traveled a great deal for about 13 years and covered the U.S. from corner to corner,” recalls Jeannette. “We came to Washington for the first time in about 2010, and Bill did a little boat charter on Budd Bay while I wandered around here, which gave us both a taste of the area. We said, ‘Wouldn’t this be a fun place to be?’ but we weren’t ready to settle down yet.”

Jeanette and Bill pose for a photo next to a statue of a couple with the Puget Sound behind them.
Jeanette and Bill ‘Everyday Walk’ Oly Art in The Park’, still enjoying some of their favorite things after over 30 years together. Photo credit: Shawna Carson

Bill and Jeannette continued to experience the nation by stopping and integrating themselves into local communities in almost every state. When they would stop, they would stay busy and get to know the history and people of the town by taking up little odd jobs. They found their way back to Washington at one point, working at a marina doing boat detailing, and absolutely loved it. “We always intended to come back down this way, but didn’t know when the right time would be,” Jeannette shares. Years passed, and their son relocated to Washington to take a new position with the local fire service, which ended up being the deciding factor for Bill and Jeannette to move to Washington as their travels winded down.

At first, Jeannette and Bill were only looking for somewhere temporary to land until they found a place to really call home. After years of owning a home and then traveling, they had intended to find a rental house to get settled back into life in one place. “We had never considered an apartment because we are very independent people,” Jeannette says. “I never would have thought about living in one before, or in Olympia since it is so much in the city, but this transition spot has turned into our home.”

Bill and Jeanette (right) enjoy the rooftop terrace with friends Terry and Gary (left). Photo credit: Alicia Easley

With the freedom to come and go coupled with a beautifully maintained and secure community, Bill and Jeannette were pleasantly surprised to find that Harbor Heights had everything that they had been looking for. They both love having the option to socialize in the community’s group activities, like painting or wine nights, but appreciate the privacy and solitude available even within the shared spaces. As avid walkers, they have come to love the convenience of nearby shops as well as walking paths along the pier or around Capitol Lake. They could not be happier with the lifestyle they have adopted as a part of Harbor Heights, and are so grateful to have such a wonderful place to call home.

Experience Amenities of Downtown Olympia Through Harbor Heights

Harbor Heights is nestled on the edge of downtown Olympia right on the water. Overlooking the beautiful Budd Bay out to the Olympic Mountains, their expansive Sky Terrace offers the perfect place to relax and take in the view. In addition to the natural sights, Harbor Heights is centrally located amidst local shops, restaurants, art galleries, and more, giving local residents plenty to explore right outside their front doors. Downtown Olympia boasts a wide variety of eateries and markets, so foodies can get their fix and try new restaurants all the time. Plus, grocery stores and the Olympia Farmers Market are within walking distance to easily get fresh produce and ingredients to make your own delicious recipes.

The Fitzgeralds buying microgreens from Kathy Aust at her booth at the Olympia Farmers Market. Kathy is holding a plate of micro greens and smiling across a counter at the Fitzgeralds
The Fitzgeralds love healthy food like the fresh greens they find at Kathy Aust’s Natural Beginnings Gardens Live Microgreens at Olympia Farmers Market. Photo courtesy: Olympia Farmers Market

Olympia is known for its robust local art and music scene, making for a fun downtown nightlife. The Washington Center for Performing Arts and the Harlequin both host numerous productions and shows to showcase Olympia’s local talent.With galleries such as Childhood’s End Gallery and Splash Gallery, artists and art enthusiasts will rejoice as they take in beautiful pieces from artists around Thurston County and beyond. Even along the pier and Capitol Lake, sculptures and works of art can be admired while out on the town.

As a 55+ community, Harbor Heights really offers the convenience of urban living with a suburban feel that gives residents comfort and quality of life unmatched anywhere else in Thurston County.

Set Down Roots in Olympia at Harbor Heights

If you have been looking for a fresh start or new place to call home, Harbor Heights has everything you need inside the community and outside its doors. With nearby shopping, dining, and entertainment, you can easily stay busy and experience all the wonders Olympia has to offer. Contact Harbor Heights today to learn more about their available units and discover why this 55+ community has become one of the most desirable communities in the area!

Harbor Heights
500 Columbia St. NW, Olympia


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