Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the water surrounding beautiful Olympia, but before your family dives in, it’s a good idea to make sure everyone knows how to swim. Steamboat Tennis & Athletic Club (STAC) is offering group swim lessons to children of all ages and abilities to teach essential swim skills. With a quick swim assessment, your child can be placed into one of STAC’s six-week swim programs to prepare for a safe and fun summer in the water. Contact swim@staclife.com to book your child’s swim assessment the week of June 12 to start their program the week of June 19!

a couple kids sitting poolside at Steamboat Tennis & Athletic Club, one with their legs in the pool
Group youth swim lessons at Steamboat Tennis & Athletic Club are a great way for kids to dive into something new and have fun along the way. Photo credit: Heather L. Dyson

6-Week Swim Classes in Olympia for All Ages

STAC recently opened a brand-new athletic facility on March 1, complete with an indoor pool for lap swimming. They have been eager to further develop programming to meet the needs of the community, such as offering swim lessons and group classes. Aquatics Manager Joyce Davison comes with over 30 years of experience in the aquatics and fitness industry, and launched STAC’s first swim session on May 8. The session has been a huge success and has already given kids newfound confidence in the water as they develop their skills.

The swim coaching team at STAC is committed to creating a safe and fun environment for kids to learn in the pool. By using swim platforms, kickboards, and barbells, kids can practice new skills without having to jump into the deep end, so to speak. “We always think safety first so kids can get confident in the water,” says Joyce. “We start each child where we know they can be successful.” STAC offers multiple programs depending on the age and skill level of the child to meet the needs of every young swimmer. This allows the coaching team to implement specific curriculum that is focused on foundational skills, all the way up to stroke and technique development for competitive swimmers. 

Joyce provides in-water coaching to help kids in the Currents program refine their skills using the water barbell. Photo credit: Heather L. Dyson

Programs are offered for six weeks for preschool age toddlers, elementary age children and teenagers. Pre-K swim programs Little Droplets and Little Ripples are scheduled once a week to help get kids comfortable in the water and practice basic skills, like blowing bubbles and jumping in. Once they get older, though, it is important for kids to get more practice and learning time in the water. “We want every kid to be able to swim and move up to the next level,” Joyce explains. “We work with them twice a week at a certain age to really get those skills to sink in.” STAC conveniently offers swim lessons four days a week and provides multiple classes at one time to easily accommodate schedules and families with multiple children. Plus, with classes for every age and ability, children can progress to the next level and continue working with the same coaching team at STAC.

STAC Fosters a Lifetime Love of Swimming

Group swim lessons are a great way for kids to learn essential swim skills, and also to develop confidence. Swimming is oftentimes intimidating for new swimmers, which can sometimes turn into a lifelong fear. By starting children in the water at a younger age, they can begin to get comfortable with it and experience how fun and refreshing it can be to go for a swim. “We hope every child can have fun in the water and that it becomes something they really enjoy,” Joyce says. Overcoming fear about swimming is a milestone for many children and can help them face new challenges as they grow. Plus, the group format offered at STAC gives kids the opportunity to learn alongside their peers and make new friends, giving them another social outlet while they work on new skills.   

Instructor and two kids sitting on edge of pool with feet in
Swim Instructor Bo offers guidance poolside before practicing in the water. Photo credit: Heather L. Dyson

Once kids find their rhythm in the pool, swimming can become a great family activity to get moving and connect with one another. Though the summertime months are short-lived in Washington, STAC’s indoor pool can offer a fun day out all year long. Open swim times are offered every day and almost all weekend long to give families plenty of time to splash, play and swim to their heart’s content. “We want everyone to be able to enjoy the pool together, even if they are not lap swimmers,” shares Joyce. “The pool is a great place to make memories.” Check out STAC’s recreational swim hours to plan your next visit to the club for a fun day in the water.

Start Your Child’s Swim Journey at STAC

Starting swim lessons is a big decision, and many parents want to make sure they find a class that fits their child’s needs and learning style. With STAC’s experienced coaching team and diverse programming, your child will build confidence in the water and have fun along the way at every age and stage. Email swim@staclife.com to book your child’s swim assessment for the week of June 12!

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