State Farm Agent Melanie Bakala Says Ting Sensors Can Help Detect Electrical Hazards to Reduce Home Fire Risks


Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors save lives by alerting home residents to a hazard. And as technology has progressed, State Farm’s Melanie Bakala says now there’s a new device to help keep your home safe from fire, and it’s called Ting. Ting is a smart sensor designed to detect electrical dangers before the flames destroy a home. And the sensors are free to eligible State Farm customers.

Melanie Bakala says State Farm homeowners insurance customers can receive a free Ting electrical hazard detection device. Photo courtesy: Melanie Bakala State Farm

State Farm is Offering Customers More than One Million Free Ting Electrical Sensors

“We just started this in February,” says Bakala, a State Farm agent Lacey and Shelton. State Farm collaborated with Whisker Labs to provide more than one million Ting sensors at no cost to State Farm homeowner customers. “Ting monitors the electrical network of a home using a smart plug-in sensor to help detect hazards, so they can be fixed before they have a chance to ignite a fire,” says Bakala.

Electrical fires can spark from loose connections, faulty wires, faulty devices or more, and often these problems are hidden. “We don’t see the wires behind our walls,” Bakala says. “Think about it. We can see loose washing machine hoses. But we don’t have that luxury with electrical.”

white cord plugged into an outlet with a vase and dried flowers next to it
Are there any electrical hazards behind your outlets or light switches? With a Ting device from State Farm, you can find out. Contact Melanie Bakala to learn more. Photo credit: Nancy Krier

Bakala Says With Ting, State Farm Helps Customers Reduce Home Electrical Fire Risks

Ting detects and warns homeowners so they can address even hidden electrical fire hazards. “It’s something to plug into your house to help identify and mitigate the nearly 250 home fire hazards each month,” says Bakala of Ting.  The National Fire Protection Association reports that electrical failures or malfunctions are the second leading cause of home fires. The association data for 2021 shows that a home structure fire was reported every 93 seconds.

As a State Farm home insurance customer, you can help reduce your home’s fire risks with this new sensor.

fluffy cream doodle walking down wood stairs inside a house with a metal railing
A Ting smart device plugs into an outlet to detect and warn homeowners about electrical fire dangers. Contact State Farm agent Melanie Bakala to learn more about these new devices for customers. Photo courtesy: Melanie Bakala State Farm

How to Enroll for a Free Ting Sensor from State Farm

Active State Farm non-tenant homeowners policyholders who want a Ting sensor need a Wi-Fi connection and Smartphone. In addition to the sensor provided by State Farm, Whisker Labs will give homeowners $1,000 of credit toward remediation of electrical fire hazards. Customers can enroll online.

To contact Bakala and her State Farm team, call 360.972.7905 (Lacey) or 360.426.2428 (Shelton).


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