For college students on a strict budget, pizza is very affordable. It is also a great comfort food, so as a college student who may be feeling tired, stressed out or anxious, nothing beats pizza. Students from The Evergreen State College are in luck when pizza cravings hit with Vic’s Pizzeria in Olympia just a short drive or bus ride from campus.

Vic’s Pizzeria is a local favorite. “I love how Vic’s always has pizza available that they quickly warm up in the oven,” shares Brielle Wiegold, a local college student. “For me, who goes to school five minutes away from the westside location, it is very convenient. And I don’t have to settle for greasy fast food.”

They serve all the traditional pizza toppings, but also unique combinations like their Lovely Rita Pizza that’s topped with Vic’s red sauce, mozzarella, sweet potato, sun dried tomato, cashews and basil pesto drizzle.

“The most ordered pizzas are our Vegan Surprise, the Ox, or our classic cheese,” shares Avryn Reynolds, the night shift manager at Vic’s. “The Lovely Rita is definitely a top pick among the college crowd.”

Vegan, Gluten Free Pizza Options in Olympia

A hungry customer orders two slices of pizza to go before the dinner crowd arrived at Vic's Pizzeria, Westside location.
A hungry customer orders two slices of pizza to go before the dinner crowd arrived at Vic’s Pizzeria, Westside location. Photo credit: Kerri Jeter

Vic’s offers gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options, both by the slice and whole pies. Any Pizza can be prepared on a gluten-free crust or turned vegan, by removing the cheese option with their house made tex-mex sauce, which pairs perfectly with fresh spinach, mushrooms, red bell peppers, red onion and roasted garlic. If you don’t see a pizza combo on the menu that suits your fancy, the toppings are endless at Vic’s, which can be mixed and matched by creating your own unique pizza. There are even multiple sauces to choose from, Vic’s red, spinach walnut pesto base, pesto fresca base, and sun-dried tomato pesto base, or of course the tex-mex vegan option.

The tex-mex vegan sauce had me fooled for a parmesan pesto with a kick. It’s garlicy, creamy, with a touch of spice that danced across my tastebuds, a great sauce even if you are not a vegan.

Vic’s Pizzeria Offers Fast Pizza To-Go

Avryn Reynolds, a shift manager at Vic's Pizzeria, hands over a freshly baked pepperoni pizza, all boxed up and ready to be enjoyed by a lucky customer.
Avryn Reynolds, a shift manager at Vic’s Pizzeria, hands over a freshly baked pepperoni pizza, all boxed up and ready to be enjoyed by a lucky customer. Photo credit: Kerri Jeter

Whether you order a single slice or a whole pizza, all ingredients are fresh and the dough is hand-tossed. “The most fun I have at work is throwing the dough,” says Avryn.

The pizza by the slice option, is great for college students in a hurry as well. “Vic’s is faster than other pizza places around when it comes to having time between classes to grab a bite to eat,” says Brielle.

As I sat at a table waiting for my pizza, numerous folks came in to snag those famous slices. The tables started to fill up with families and friends as the dinner rush crowd trinkled in. “We are busiest on Friday and Saturday nights and then midday Sunday,” says Nick Castillo, a cook who works at Vic’s Pizzeria. “But during the week it is a great option for an economical and quick lunch for college kids.”

Pizza Near The Evergreen State College…and a Whole Lot More

A pint of freshly poured Diamond Knot Root Beer next to a bottle on the table at Vic's Pizzeria
A pint of freshly poured Diamond Knot Root Beer. Customers can order growlers to go of any beverage on tap at Vic’s Pizzeria. Photo credit: Kerri Jeter

Vic’s has incredible pizza, but they also make calzones, bread wedges, and salads, which are made with seasonal veggies, so the options are always changing.

Even when it comes to drinks, Vic’s Pizzeria keeps it fresh and local. They offer Diamond Knot Root beer on tap. Cream with hints of sassafras and vanilla, it is locally-sourced in the Pacific Northwest, and caffeine and gluten free. For the older students, Vic’s has a large assortment of locally-sourced beers from breweries like Top Rung and Matchless.

If the food isn’t enough of a reason to discover Vic’s Pizzeria, perhaps the friendly and welcoming environment will entice you to visit. When I entered the restaurant, I was greeted by both employees on shift with a robust hello and warm smiles. As I sat, enjoying my root beer and waiting for my pizza, I noticed that Avryn would greet customers by name, the crew joyfully cleared tables, held conversations with each customer ordering, and of course displayed great skill when throwing the dough.

Avryn Reynolds, a shift manager at Vic's Pizzeria throwing an 18-inch pizza
‘The most fun I have at work is throwing dough,’ says Avryn Reynolds, a shift manager at Vic’s Pizzeria. Here he is throwing dough to make an 18-inch pizza. Photo credit: Kerri Jeter

“I have worked at other pizza places, but here all my colleagues are my friends,” says Nick. “So many of the customers are my age too, so it has been easy for me to find friends since moving here from Texas.” Avryn agrees, “I have been working at Vic’s since I was 16. I am thankful for the people I work with. It’s a happy place to work, for sure.”

Vic’s is fast, friendly, and fun. When you step inside, you can’t help but smile. The bright walls, the upbeat music, the aroma of pizza, and the welcoming crew will surely keep you coming back for more. It’s perfect for your study group, Friday night celebration, or a date night that even a college student can afford.

You can snag your new favorite pizza at two locations in Olympia, the Westside location at 233 Division Street Northwest – closest to The Evergreen State College, or the Wildwood location at 2822 Capitol Boulevard Southeast. Each have their own welcoming and laidback vibe, ready to serve you, and will satisfy your pizza craving today!


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