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The Oly Town Artesians began league play Saturday with an overwhelming margin of victory against the visitors from Kitsap County the Olympic Force. 17-7 was the score at final whistle as the Artesians officially began its 8th year of Arena Soccer existence.  Oly Town is one of 7 teams comprising the Western Indoor Soccer League which is a professional-amateur which frequently provides talent for the Major Arena Soccer League.  Bellingham, Snohomish, Everett, Olympic Peninsula, Tacoma, Oly Town and Portland round out the 2022-23 table.

What may go down as the greatest quarter of indoor soccer in Oly Town’s history, the second quarter proved to be an action packed, peppering of Olympic Force goalkeeper who eventually gave up 7 Artesians goals. (7) different Oly Players scored in the second period which at the end of the first quarter saw a tighter 2-1 match.

“It was great to see our potential come out in big moments especially in the second quarter” said Head Coach Nick Boatright who picked up his first ever Western Indoor Soccer League Win. “Our pressing in certain moments and ability to eat the middle and win the ball back was very good. When you win it in the middle versus on the boards the quality of chances are much higher.”

Oly Town came into the season having clinched the Semifinals last winter in the 2021-22 season eventually losing to reigning champion Bellingham United. Bellingham would go on to lose to the Tacoma Stars Reserves at the Showare Center in the WISL Championship. Oly Town looks to make this season a special one as the Artesians have never been to WISL Final.

Kasey Sidor opened the scoring in the first quarter with an assist from Collin Tate. Sidor would end the game with 3 Goals. The first quarter seemed to be a back and forth tennis match but that would all change in the second.

A defensive wall, Isaiah Damschen kept the Olympic Force at bay giving up 7 goals but adding 14 saves to the match for the Artesians. Isaiah would also pickup an assist from the keeper position in the second quarter.

Newcomer to the Artesians and arguably one of the best showings was Yuta Shimazu who went on a 3 goal and 1 assist tear through the Olympic Force defense. Countless times Shimazu end up alone in front of the Force keeper and capatilized.

“Shimazu’s direct nature and running caused them (Force) problems all day” said Coach Boatright.

An unusual highlight occurred when Collin Tate took a post-goal kickoff and decided to shoot against the unexpecting, relaxed Olympic Force. The ball was a hard, low drive that hit off the post and in. The crowd went absolutely crazy while John McGlamery announced to those tuning in on the Oly Town Artesian Channel “I have not ever seen that in my 8 years of calling games for Oly but I have seen it now, Collin Tate with a ‘restart’ goal.”

Oly Town saw a large Olympia, Washington crowd pack into the Evergreen State College Pavilion which operates in conjunction with Olympia Indoor Soccer. Dubbed the “Ice Box” by Artesian Network Play by Play John McGlamery, the Pavilion saw dozens of new heaters to keep families warm and much more fan amenities than in previous years.

“It means a lot to the guys to have the fan support. There is a lot more in store for the Oly Town Artesians. From my perspective the fans are going to help make a difference in the tight games,” said Head Coach Nick Boatright.

“The crowd was awesome tonight and with the new heaters, fresh brewed Dancing Goats Coffee and our new hot food options fans can definitely expect a different experience this winter” said Principal Owner Ryan Perkins. “We appreciate all the folks that came out and can’t wait to meet more this next game.”

The Artesians have an immediate turnaround with a home match next Saturday November 12th against the visiting Snohomish County FC Steelheads. Kickoff is 6PM and will feature much of the same fanfare as the last game.

The Oly Town Artesians also inducted a 6th Oly Legend, Kyle Wiese into Artesian Hall of Fame. Wiese played in over 40 matches for the club starting with the inaguaral 2014 arena squad. Kyle would later leave the field and help the Artesians front office in both management and finance.

“Most folks do not know this but our newest Oly Legend Hall of Famer Kyle Wiese actually created the Oly Oly Oly chant during an impromptu huddle in 2014” said Ryan Perkins. “Kyle regaled the story this last week about the 2014 Artesians team not knowing what to say to break the huddle before their first game and the ‘Oly Oly Oly Oy Oy Oy’ was born so we have Kyle to thank for that awesome soccer chant.”

Also in attendance was local youth soccer club Blackhills FC who is led by new Technical Director Kate Green. The Blackhills FC youth had free admittance while enjoying a 15 minute halftime soccer ‘free-for-all’ at halftime. The Oly Town Artesians Men’s and Women’s teams have had dozens of their own grow up in the Blackhills FC program and love meeting with the kid’s after the matches for autographs and photographs.

The community is encouraged to come to next Saturday, November 7th game as the Artesians will not be home until January 7th where they take on Bellevue FC at the Evergreen State College Pavilion. Tickets are on-sale at www.olytownfc.com and season ticket savings are still available online.

Scores from around the league; newcomer Everett City beats Bellingham United 6-5 and Snohomish beat Portland 6-3 to open league play.

Oly Town does not exist without local support and sponsors so make sure and visit olytownfc.com and follow the Artesians on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. There are donation buttons as well as apparel and tickets for sale.

Doors open next Saturday November 12th at 530PM for a 6PM kickoff against Snohomish County FC.

Match Statistics:

  • Jason Fairhurst (2 Goals, 3 Assists)
  • Yuta Shimazu (3 Goals, 1 Assist)
  • Kasey Sidor (3 Goals)
  • Sebastian Lyons (2 Goals, 1 Assist)
  • Nate Boatright (2 Goals)
  • Mitchell Balmer (1 Goal, 1 Assist)
  • Collin Tate (1 Goal, 1 Assist)
  • Marcos Borja (2 Assists)
  • Josh Dube (1 Goal)
  • Manny Nicasio (1 Goal)
  • Alex Vogt (1 Goal)


  • Isaiah Damschen (60 Minutes, 7 Goals Allowed, 14 Saves, 1 Assist)


  • Nate Boatright
  • Collin Tate
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