If you like the silly and funny more than the spooky and scary when it comes to Halloween fun in Olympia, you cannot miss the Hands On Children’s Museum Boo Bash happening October 22-31, 2022. Ten fun-filled days await you and your tiny goblins, all with Halloween-themed activities that will delight instead of fright, sponsored by Hanson Motors.

Three kids in halloween costumes at the Hands On Children's Museum's Boo Bash
Head to the Hands On Children’s Museum’s Boo Bash 2022 for 10 days of fun! Photo courtesy: Hands On Children’s Museum

“It’s such a beloved community event,” says Beth Garson, marketing & strategic communications senior manager for Hands On Children’s Museum. “It’s all about providing lots of opportunities for kids and families to enjoy Halloween-themed activities in a fun and safe environment.”

Not to mention having 10 opportunities to wear your costume – or costumes – before Halloween! The entire family is encouraged to dress up, which is one of Beth’s favorite things about Boo Bash. “We have seen some really cute family costumes,” she shares, “like a family dressed as a circus or all the characters from Winnie the Pooh. Our staff dress up too and it is fun for everyone!” Just remember to keep your costumes family-friendly.

Olympia Halloween Events for the Whole Family

Boo Bash gets better each year, and 2022 is no exception. Returning favorites like decorating a mini pumpkin sponsored by Trader Joe’s; mini ghost airway maze, scavenger hunt; the very-popular pounding golf tees into pumpkins sponsored by Rutledge Family Farm; and screen-printing a treat bag are just the tip of the witch’s hat.

two kids in halloween costumes doing an activity at Hands On Children's Museum
Returning favorites like decorating a mini pumpkin; mini ghost airway maze, scavenger hunt; and screen-printing a treat bag are just a few of the fun things waiting your family at Boo Bash 2022. Photo courtesy: Hands On Children’s Museum

“We give kids the opportunity to use real tools to experience different activities,” shares Beth. This includes using a mallet to pound the golf tees into pumpkins and using a mortar and pestle to grind and smash seeds and grains, another fun fall activity happening at the Hands On Children’s Museum this October.

Have a child that loves science? New this year is the Moldy Marvels activity, where kids and parents can check out food fungi and decomposer using a microscope. It’s definitely a family-friendly scare! Then, don’t miss the Skeletons Galore in the Bone Bonanza Room, another new activity for 2022 sponsored by Young Spines Pediatric & Perinatal Chiropractic. “Work together and build a giant foam block dino friend, make a kinetic spooky skeleton paper treat bag, explore the human skeletal system with child-size wooden skeletons, observe and play with x-rays on light tables, and learn about different animal skeletal systems with real specimens!” shares Beth.

Boo Bash 2022 also includes the popular treasure sluice with a ghoulish twist! Kids can look for long-lost gold and other gems in the ghostly gold mine. Speaking of ghosts – be sure to head over and build your own haunted house to add to the spooky town. Then, make a ghost puppet, sponsored by DoubleTree!

two boys driving golf tees into a pumpkin at Hands On Children's Museum's Boos Bash
A favorite activity at Hands On Children’s Museum’s Boos Bash is using a mallet to drive golf tees into pumpkins! Photo courtesy: Hands On Children’s Museum

The Spooky Straw Bale Trail is back for 2022 as well. Sponsored by ThurstonTalk, the trail has a new theme and is waiting for you to explore.

“Something different for this year is that instead of a costume parade each day, we are having a costume dance party,” shares Beth. “So, littles can get their wiggles out and dance around in their costumes and have good time!”

On Saturdays and Sundays, you are in for a couple special treats. Kids can help press apples into cider  and watch the beloved Dr. Science demo for silly science that the whole family will love.

Sensory Friendly Halloween Event

Hands On Children’s Museum makes sure that all children can enjoy the museum year-round, including during special events that normally might be very hard for children with sensory sensitives. Halloween can be especially triggering, with costume, funky lights, screams and scares. And while Boo Bash never has scares, there can still be loud noises, bright lights and other things that some children may find triggering. To make sure everyone can enjoy Halloween, the Hands On Children’s Museum has two sensory friendly Boo Bash dates, October 23 and 30 between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. During this time, specially-formatted activities will take place for all to enjoy. “Our sensory friendly offerings have really expanded in the last six months,” says Beth, “and we are excited to give children and their families this opportunity.”

Kids in Halloween costumes sluicing for treasure at Boo Bash in Olympia
Boo Bash 2022 also includes the popular treasure sluice with a ghoulish twist! Kids can look for long-lost gold and other gems in the ghostly gold mine. Photo courtesy: Hands On Children’s Museum

In addition to the sensory-friendly dates, a sensory-friendly room will be available on Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. during Boo Bash. Sponsored by Premera and supported by Agostinho Rodrigues Trust and MultiCare Community Partnership Fund, the room has low lighting and a quiet atmosphere. “It’s great if a child needs to take a break, read a book, lie down or do a quiet craft,” explains Beth.

Attending Hands On Children’s Museum Boo Bash

The beauty of Boo Bash is it’s 10 days of fun so you don’t have to try and do everything in one day. “It’s spread out so that people can come back more than one time, or figure out what the best time is for their family and friends to come together,” shares Beth. “It’s really one of those special events that friends like to have a playdate and dress up all the kids and come together to make memories.”

Be sure to check out the full Hands On Children’s Museum event calendar so you don’t miss any of the Boo Bash fun. Then, reserve your Boo Bash tickets online so you can go to the priority check-in line. And, more important, walk-ins will only be accommodated if space allows. You don’t want to get turned away – talk about scary! – so be sure to reserve your tickets now. Then, all you have to worry about is which costume to wear. Don’t forget that EBT card holders can get two free tickets, with additional tickets being just $2. It’s a little treat sponsored by WSECU.

Hands On Children’s Museum’s Boo Bash
October 22-31
414 Jefferson St NE, Olympia


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