It is common to visit a healthcare practice with the intent of curing or treating an already present ailment. At Duncan Integrative Medicine in Olympia, Dr. Thomas Duncan and his team are prepared to do that, but it is not the work that defines them. They are driven by the desire to help each of us realize our best life.

Dr. Thomas Duncan headshot
Dr. Thomas Duncan was inspired to explore alternative healthcare paths after not finding the care he needed following a brain tumor diagnosis. Photo credit: Melodie Wilson

The Duncan Integrative Medicine Approach to Care

Inspired by his own struggles and experiences with weight gain, exhaustion, depression and a brain tumor, Duncan began to question his traditional medical training and explore alternative approaches to healing and health. He grew to understand that health and vitality are sources of freedom and that when we take the time to evaluate our identities, mood and energy, and the way they work to positively or negatively impact our lives, we gain control over our future and our life.

“At Duncan Integrative Medicine we see the value in taking the time to search for the root causes of our patients’ conditions and symptoms,” explains Duncan. “Once we identify those causes, we are able to propel them into their best life by focusing on simple, powerful lifestyle changes that support health and wellness over the long term. We focus on making smarter goals and engaging in a model of feedback rather than focusing on failure.”

Duncan and his team at Duncan Integrative Medicine feel that realizing our best life is possible when we intentionally adjust our focus to the positive, modify our negative thinking and address the elements of our environment that are holding us back. Dr. Duncan talks about the three enemies of our mind, body and spirit which take shape as negative thoughts, inflammation and fear.

Much of the work Duncan and his team do is only possible because of the time they are willing to invest into developing meaningful relationships with each of their patients. They are constantly working to listen, learn and fine tune the journey to wellness for each individual patient.

Dr. Thomas Duncan talking to a room
At Duncan Family Medicine and Integrative Health patients are supported in caring for their whole selves, mind, body and spirit. Photo credit: Melodie Wilson

“Integrative medicine is a partnership,” says Duncan. “We specialize in medicine and the patients specialize in themselves. For me, the reward is in listening to each story and figuring out how I can serve each patient best.”

Duncan lives by the motto, “Do the simple better.” So many of us walk through our days unaware how sleep, food, water intake, stress levels and exercise can shape our quality of life. In reality, they are incredibly powerful forces. Duncan and his team at Duncan Integrative Medicine support each patient as they explore these simple ideas and develop strategies for using them to their advantage.

Duncan Integrative Medicine 12 Week Program

Interested in experiencing Dr. Thomas Duncan’s approach first hand? On September 27 he will be kicking off a 12-week program, Tuesdays 7 a.m. to 8 a.m. at the Indian Summer Golf and Country Club Fireside Room. Program registration will be capped at 20 attendees, so it’s important to reserve your spot soon by visiting the STB 3 Simple Steps to Creating Everlasting Change registration page.

“STB,” explains Duncan, “stands for ‘Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired. In this program we are going to be diving into the truths around who you are, who you want to be and the thoughts and behaviors that will support that journey.”

Dr. Thomas Duncan talking to a room
Dr. Thomas Duncan believes that we can realize our best life by doing the simple things better, like improving the quality and quantity of our sleep. Photo credit: Melodie Wilson

Over the 12-week program, participants will have the opportunity to learn about and discuss topics such as nutrition, menu planning, food as medicine, the power of positive self-talk, mood awareness and ownership, meditation and other mindfulness practices and sensible, manageable physical activities. Most impactful, perhaps, will be the opportunity to interact and learn from Duncan in this small group setting with time set aside for questions and conversation.

The STB 3 Simple Steps to Creating Everlasting Change program is open to anyone in the community and is a great way to experience the philosophies that Dr. Duncan practices every day at Duncan Integrative Medicine.

“Many of my patients worry that this work may be too hard,” confides Duncan. “Changing our behaviors and thoughts, prioritizing sleep, planning healthy meals, meditating and exercising regularly are hard habits to form. A lifetime of despair, exhaustion and chronic disease are equally, if not more, difficult. I ask my patients to choose their hard. We have the choice to work hard now, for a short time, to establish positive lifestyle habits, or work hard forever.”

More information about Dr. Thomas Duncan, his practice and his approach can be found on the Duncan Integrative Medicine website.

Duncan Integrative Medicine
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