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Massage therapy is recommended for injury recovery, stress, tension, pain, headaches, and anxiety. It is no longer viewed as a “luxury spa” service.  “A Powerful Tool to Take Charge of Your Health!” is a quote from the Mayo clinic regarding massage therapy. Anxiety and stress are leading causes to other health problems that a weekly or monthly massage can help people relax and feel less pain. Doctors are starting to recommend a regular schedule of massage therapy. In fact, in our clinic we regularly recommend massage therapy to accelerate results to improving mobility, decrease pain, and returning to feeling better faster.

Here is a story that highlights how massage therapy helped quickly. We will call her Heather. Heather fell and broke her ankle needing surgery. She came to physical therapy in a walking boot.  The walking boot made her leg longer on that side. Walking in the boot (longer leg) it started to hurt the opposite hip and low back. Not only did we recommend the “even up” to attach to the other shoe to level her out but to add massage therapy to the other non-surgical leg and low back (in addition to the physical therapy prescribed for her surgical side). She was so happy that the “even up” helped immediately!  However the back pain and hip pain was still there. After 3 sessions of massage therapy on her low back and hip she walked so much better and could sleep without pain. She made progress faster and did not suffer as long. I could tell you countless other stories where massage makes all the difference in releasing scar tissue, improving mobility, decreasing tension and tightness and pain.

One of the most effective things that massage therapy helps are tension headaches and neck arthritis. We can’t change the fact that you have arthritis. However, the best thing you can do to help arthritis is keep your mobility and keep those muscles flexible so the tightness doesn’t cause increased tension and pain at the arthritic joints. Headaches are a pain. We all get them now and again, but for some of us, they’re more of a regular thing. And here at the clinic it’s incredible just how many people we see who tell us that they’ve suffered from headaches so often, that they just consider them to be a regular part of life that they end up dealing with.

We all know stress does many things to our body, but where do we feel stress the most? We feel it as tightness and tension in our neck and shoulder muscles – and all of this tension brings on headaches! Picture this… Mornings can be manic. You’re running around each morning, you’re late, you can’t find your keys, you’re not prepared for your morning meeting and the dog has just tracked mud all through the living room… No wonder you’re stressed! Add all of those daily stressors up, you’ll likely find that at the end of the week you’ve got a lot of tension around your shoulders. Which is why it’s important to deal with these things daily, without responding to them in a stressful way, so we can start to prevent headaches and make them occur less and less. So what are some things you can do right now to help?  Do things that are calming like stretching, listening to music, gentle yoga, deep breathing, and massage therapy.

We have a licensed massage therapist in our clinic.  We have cash packages and we are able to bill Regence insurance as well.

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The author, Jennifer Penrose, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and owner of Penrose Physical Therapy. If you have any questions you can call 360.456.1444 or by email at info@penrosept.com.  We are located  across from Big 5 Sporting Goods and Walmart 1445 Galaxy Dr. NE Lacey WA 98516.

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