Timberline High School held its spring band concert Wednesday, June 1 2022 at the Koval Center for the Performing Arts at North Thurston High School. Conductor Cal Anderson led the evening concerts, which included a concert band performance, wind ensemble and a joint combined band ending performance. Around 70 students were involved in the concert.

For Anderson, it was great for his students to perform after the challenges in 2020 and 2021. “These are some of the most eager students I have ever encountered and we have had a fantastic year,” Anderson noted. “I am so proud of all these students, but especially the kids in the class of 2022. These are the ones that stuck it out and suffered the Zoom classes and bell covers. Just a resilient set of amazing kids.”

Overall the bands had eight songs they performed. It was the first public concert for Timberline without use of bell covers. “Once the covers came off everything just started sounding so much better,” Anderson stated. “Since the kids could see each other’s faces we really started to respond to each other musically a lot better. We had to go through so much to get to last night. We kept getting told ‘No, you can’t do that,’ but then the kids would turn around and make it work. All these kids that stuck through all the obstacles really learned a lot about resilience. We progressed so much I will remember this more as a year of achievement then all the hardships we had to work through.”

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